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The Stoning of Stephen


On the first day of the month the fast growing ministry called Christians chose 7 people of the congregation to take over the responsibility of the 12 disciples. The 12 disciples were to give all of their attention to prayer to their God and ministry of the “word.” one of the seven named Stephen was accused of blasphemy and there were many witnesses against Stephen and the the people were convinced. When the high priest asked Stephen if what they said were true Stephen replied with a speech. Stephen said that the God of his ancestors brought his people through the journey to where they are. He reminded the people of how their ancestors were in Egypt and that it was his God that freed them. He told about Moses, Abraham, Joshua, and Joseph. He ended by telling the people that they resist the holy spirit and disobey God. At this the men were furious. They took him out of the city and stoned him. But what has made people question whether it was right is that before Stephen died, he said that he could see God. many people believe that Stephen was innocent, but some are not sure.


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