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Math How To Use It In Real Life


In lesson 1-4 you learn how to add and subtract unlike denominators. This can be used in real life in many ways, for example if you are at the store and buying food by the pound and other foods by the half pound you can know how much you will need to pay. Also if […]

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Math Word Problem


Maddie made 3.2×10^5 cookies in her kitchen. After she finished baking, Nicole ate 2.5×10^2 cookies. How many cookies does Maddie have left? The first step in this equation is to turn the scientific notation into numbers again, so 1.2×10^5 becomes 320,000 and 2.5×10^3 becomes 250. Then you subtract 320,000 by 250 which is 319,750. The […]

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New thing that I learned in math


In math so far I have learned how graphing functions. When you are graphing functions you first make a chart, x is the impute and y is the output. You start with an equation like 3+x=y and then you plug in different numbers for x like -2, -1, 0, 1, and 2. Then you use […]

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Descriptive Paragraph


Our assignment was to write a paragraph that would draw a picture in our readers’ mind. How did I do?   As a little girl walk into the wonderful carnival, she couldn’t contain herself. She was overwhelmed with the sweet smell of cotton candy and the buttery popcorn. As she stuck her wet tongue out into the […]

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