Final Pinball Post

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This is my final pinball post.

Final Pinball Reflection

Nolan Mannes#9


  • Q: Is the Pinball Machine more scientific than you thought? A: When I was younger I use to think that you can just play and that there are no wires and that is was just to play and they didn’t have to work. (so yes)
  • Q: What is one (or more) thing(s) that surprised you? A: I can’t believe that as a group we actually built a Pinball Machine
  • Q: What is one (or more) thing(s) you learned? A: I learned about circuits and how to make a light bulb light up.



  • Q:What were the joys of working in a group?A: As a group, we did great as a group, and we had a couple of struggles, but I’m glad that we finished it perfect.
  • Q:What were some struggles of working in a group?A:We didn’t always agree with each other, and sometimes some of my group members weren’t participating.


  • Goals

Q:In GENERAL…for future group work. A: In General for a future market day, it would be nice to have a new team, that I could see difference of how one group cooperates, and how the other group cooperates.

  • Q:Mention SPECIFIC ways you can grow before Market Day. A: I will listen to my group, and I will do any ideas that any other of my group members want to do, so I will not do all of the things that I want to do.

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