That people their don’t live as long as us in the USA. I also thought they had a hospital like
10-20 miles from them but only 5 people out of a million get cured. That people who live up
north live longer than people down south.

Eagle Hunting

What I liked about it was how a girl got first place. In a eagle skills challenge that only men have done. I also liked how she said, “I wrestled with all the kids and boys and won.” I kinda liked when her eagle failed the first 2 times. I also liked how she got a girl eagle instead of a boy.

Film Day

I like the scale of our galaxy and how far away it is on a scale and they needed 7 miles and the earth was a marble and mars was the same size and I like the rock climbing because a 14 and 15 year old are the #1 in the world. I think it was way better than I would have thought.



March’s reading mouth is about reading more!!!!!!
“Because of Mr. Terupt” it is so funniest book ever!
The summary there are 7 talking cause on the charters their
names on them. Mr. Terupt is in a fight with
the principal and there yelling at eachother!


“He is running outside Mom” said mom. “I’m
going to jump down this cliff dude!” “Do it
help” My friend was looking for my mom’s phone.
Our car was racing to the cops to see what to do
about my feet.

Image Group

The Image Group there make peoples company
better. Where East 8th St in Holland.
WE went on Tue Jan 6, 2015. Why we went
there we need to advertising for our
colony so people will come to it.
That it is not easy. That there are
a lot of steps. no I would not like
to work like them.


He is my summery
An angle append to Joseph in a dream
and said “go to egypt and hide from the
king and go now.”
The three new things I learned are
That they sold the stuff that
Jesus got to live in egypt.
That shepherds can be 5-12 years.
And last that shepherds go out to look
for a sheep and leave the others.