Soco Gets Loose

Soco Gets Loose
Nathan Ribbens

One day I was playing fetch with Soco in the living room. Then I threw it as hard as I could into my bedroom. Then I threw the ball outside and she ran after it outside. I didn’t see a hole outside when I threw the ball outside. She grabbed it and then she ran back to the door but I shut the door before she could even get up the stairs and get into the house.
Playing Video Games
So after that I turned on the TV and the PS3, put a game in, grabbed a controller and started to play. I played for 30 minutes.
She Is Not There
I paused the game and went to go open the door for Soco. To get her to come inside I called her name “Soco” then I looked outside. Then I saw a hole but I didn’t see it 30 minutes ago when I threw the ball outside. I ran through the living room, went to the front door, opened it and ran to my side yard. The hole looked small on the outside but big on the inside. The hole was outside her play place. I looked straight and I thought she had ran off 10 minutes ago.

I went inside to get something and I was walking to the door. I stopped then I walked back to the window it was raining hard. Then I went outside. I went 10 blocks to the right and went 10 blocks to the left 20 blocks front and back looking, looking, and looking I ran back home.
To talk a little break I got a snack and watch some TV 15 minutes later. Then I went back outside and went looking, looking, and kept looking. For 30 minutes I was out there so I ran to where my step mom worked at grand ville restaurant
and told her that. “ Soco got loose and I can’t find her she”
“ keep looking or call dad and tell him.”
I looked on my way back calling her. “ Soco, Soco, Soco.”
Looking, looking, looking can’t find her so I walk slowly back home. My brothers were back from the a schools play ground.

But I forgot the leash
I could barely see her I had the collar but I didn’t have the leash then I said. “ What is wrong with me Nathan.” SMACK. I ran home so so so fast I grabbed the leash and ran as fast as I could back. When I saw her and when she saw me she ran then.
I need help,
“Hi dad are you coming home”I said “yeap” “hmmmm oh yeah Soco got loose and I think we are going to have deer for super.” “Wait” “yeah dad” “how did she get dead deer.” “She killed it” “She is too small to kill deer.” “Dad nothing is impossible” “by Nathan” “by dad.” I had no idea what to do so On the sidewalk
I ran back to where she was 10 minutes ago “she moved” I said dad was backing up his black truck.


Putting the back of the truck well I looking for Soco I saw Soco. On the sidewalk badly she was looking at me. But she didn’t see the dog catcher behind her. Then he got her leash and I ran towards the dog catcher van.
He was driving to our house then win I got there house my dad was talking to the dog catcher.
Soco’s dinner,
“ Thank you” said dad.
Then dad started to make supper. We ate some of the deer and gave the rest to Soco. It was fun finding Soco. We had 2 deer skins and boy that was good. Soco got some of the leftovers and she love the deer we put the two deer skins our wall. And that was a good day and we went to sleep.