Immigrating to the USA

Immigrating to the USA

by Nathan Ribbens

It was hard to say goodbye to grandma because we were going to what they call America today.  My dad said“There are earthquakes every month and in spring there are floods that rowan our land.”  “Mom I have a bad job.”

Dad is saying to grandma “there are good jobs and better land in American.”

“O.K bye son”  so she kissed us goodbye.  We left and went home and I packed my stuff like cloths, marbles, dominoes, toy cars, trains, little soldiers, and table top ninepins.

We put all of our toys in trunks and we walk to the docks.

The doc checked us for lice because it was spreading and he said “all of you are healthy so you can go.”  So we went to go hand are tickets to ticket calculator.

They were second class tickets so got a private place.  So then we were off but on the 5th night “BOOM BAN” it woke everyone was up there was a huge storm…?

There were huge waves and thunder, and lighting mom and dad grab buckets and they said together “Stay here” then they ran on deck they were filling their buckets and throwing the water back in the ocean.

After 2 hours the storm was gone and we just past Azores the island.  It was a month in a boat then somebody said “LAND OH” “finally it felt like forever.”

Then we went to Ellis Island.  Then we went to tell the people behind the desk when we were born and all the other stuff. We went to the Doc and he said “all of you are healthy so you can go.”

So we went out of Ellis Island and we went to go to MI to build a house and we were done in two weeks.

Dad caught a bull and build a carriage so we could sleep until he had the house.  Dad got a great job $1,000 a week.  There was better schools so we could go to christian school.  We had more food. Then grandma came.

That’s all folks peace

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