A Long Walk To Walk

Book Review


Big Nate by Lincoln Peirce


Big Nate is about Nate who plays sports but doesn’t always does the best. Nate goes to school but talks back to the teachers and get dentine a lot of the time.

The main character is Big Nate, Nate is fun and funny he does a lot of pranks on his dad and get’s hurt a lot. Nate’s dad is a main character too, Nate’s dad always in the victim in the pranks. The last main character is Howie the dog, Howie is a weird dog his face is weird but he does funny stuff to himself.

If you like sports this is the book for you. Nate plays baseball Right Field and when a ball comes to him he miss’ it and I can’t tell you what he does next. Nate goes to school but not the best at it he does I think have bad grades. Nate is so funny when it comes to making a ramp and getting the caultqulions.