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Tell your parents at least 5 facts from your informational writing piece.1. Michigan basketball’s first team was in 1908.2. Michigan has won 1 NCAA National Championship. 3. Michigan has won 14 Big Ten Regular Season Championships. 4. Michigan has won 3 Big Ten Tournament Championships. 5. Michigan has had 16 coaches since 1908.

Explain to your parents how Mr. Schoen-Tanis explained that many children in Africa do not have access to clean water.He did it through a book that was called LuLu and the Long Walk and he illustrated it.

Explain to your parents how the coin war worked. The coin war was when all of the 5th grade classes went against each other and raised money for the Philippines the coins were positive and the bills were negatives then we counted and my class won.

Good afternoon, and once again, Happy Friday!

It has been a busy week, with lots to report! The kids came in Monday and were all excited about having seen the play, “Peter Pan”! It really was a solid production, and many kudos to Mr. Commeret and his crew! Last Friday, my son Jeff stopped by to say hi and meet the kids that I had been talking about so much. He had a great time with the class, and is looking forward to his next visit. He is a product manager for Herman Miller, and often comes to the Zeeland offices for meetings.

Academically we are moving right along! Mr. Hutt is in the midst of the early colonization of American, touching on the Boston Massacre this week. He is covering Geometry with his class, and I am finishing up multiplication of whole numbers and decimals in my class. Next week, long division! Another plug here for having the kids work on their times tables. It will make this next chapter much easier. I spent some time yesterday explaining why it was National “Pi Day”. I showed them the principle that a diameter of a circle will wrap around the circumference of the circle three times plus a bit more, no matter what size circle you have.  Mrs. Keyser is working with the kids putting finishing touches on their Informational Writing pieces. We are asking they print out a B/W copy for final revisions(most have done this already in school), and then next week after revisions are complete, if you have a color printer, please print out their copy to turn in and I will place it in their file. In Science we are working on a project for display on our window wall that shows both the relative size and distance of the planets in our solar system. Fun Stuff! In Bible class, we are going through the events surrounding Christ’s birth. Please continue to have the kids practice their spelling words and Bible memory verse at home every day.

Wednesday, the kids were treated to a presentation of this year’s Destination Imagination groups, including some students from our class. Yesterday, we were enlightened by a presentation from the illustrator of the book, “Lulu and the Long Walk”, Joel Schoen-Tanis. He talked about the plight of many areas in Africa that don’t have clean water to drink. The class and I found him very interesting. He challenged all the K-5 students to try to think globally as they get older, and to be willing to listen to God’s calling to help the less fortunate. Thanks to those of you who supported him by purchasing his book, or by making a donation to the Blood Water Mission!

Speaking of money, I am pleased to announce that our class won the coin war for our sister school in the Philippines! We raised over $260, part of a very impressive $900 for the entire 5th grade! To put that in perspective mathematically, we raised 29% of the funds with only 19% of the 5th grade! Thanks to all of you that donated your change to the cause!

Next week, the 8th graders are putting on a PBL(project based learning) presentation on how Christians today are still being persecuted. We are going to take the kids to see it. The teachers of the 8th graders are also collecting donations for “Open Doors”, an organization that helps support Christians around the world who are currently being persecuted. It seems like I am always asking money for things, but if you have a dollar or few, please send it in with the kids. I am planning on making a donation for the class if you don’t remember to do it. I have also included a few pictures from the week for you to look at! Hope you all have an incredibly restful weekend! Blessings, Paul

I’ve been asked to provide the following information about Tuesday’s music program at Community Reformed Church:

Notes to parents(From Mr. Schonewill):

We love the support you show to your students! We hope you will enjoy their gifts and spirit as you watch and listen to them. Here are some guidelines to help you plan for the evening:

Please don’t plan to save seats in the auditorium or to come incredibly early. It creates additional supervision issues for staff. We will need the students in the auditorium at least 15 minutes prior to start time. Performing students will be directed to sit with their class and homeroom teachers. There should be plenty of room for all.
There is no ‘uniform’ for the evening. Students should wear something ‘nice, clean, and bright’. It’s a night of celebration and joy!
Please don’t feel obligated to stay for both programs if you don’t have students in both. In fact, we would encourage you to exit the building quickly to make room for others.
Parents, no matter which program you are attending, please keep all of your non-performing children with you. In the past, we have had supervision and even vandalism issues caused by unsupervised students roaming the building. We do not want to jeopardize our great relationship with the church.

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