Harry Potter

This is Harry Potterimgres-1His friends are Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley.imgres-2This is Hermione Granger she knows a lot.imgres-3.This is Ron Weasley he has five older brothers two have left hogwarts he has one yonger sister.imagesThis is hogwarts its is where wizards learn.imgres-4Hogwarts has four houses Gryffindor Slytherin Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw they are like your familey at hogwartsDumbledore-s-Army-dumbledore-27s-army-123519_1024_768In Harrys 5th year he started a army and it was called Dumbledore’s Army.

For wizards the sport is Quidditch there are four balls the first one is the Quaffle this is it. imgresThere are two bludgersimgres-1and two beter bats two hit the bludgers at the other teams playersimgres-2There is also a golden snitch that the seeker has to catch to end the game.imgresHarry Potters Parents lily and james are dead this is lily and James

imgres-1imgres-2 When they died his only living relitives were the dursleys Uncle vernonimgres-3and Aunt Petunia imgres-4and his cousin dudley.images Harry has a god father named sirius Black.imgres-5 On to rons family Im going to say them youngest to oldest Ginny,Ron,Fred and George,Percy,Charlie and Bill  imgres-6imgres-3imgres-7imgres-8imgres-10imgres-9 Now the Grangers There is hermione Mrs.Granger and Mr.granger.