Social Studies-Explorers Facts

1. Why did the merchants want to get east so badly?

Because they want spices.imgres

2. Why couldn’t traders take a land route anymore?

Because new people controlled the land route in constantinople.imgres

3. Share information about the two explores you studied.

Vasco da Gama:

The 1st person to sail directly from europe to india and he was once greeted as a hero he has had 10 ships directly under his command He has captained a team of 4 vessels. imgres

Bartholomeu Dias:

In 1488, Portuguese explorer Bartolomeu Dias became the first European sailer to round the southern tip of Africa, opening the way for a sea route from Europe to Asia. A major victory for Portugal, Dias’ breakthrough opened the door to increased trade with India  It also prompted Christopher Columbus to seek a new sponsor for a mission to establish his own  sea route  to the  Far  East.he was at the court of the king of Portugal Dias was probably in his mid- to late 30s in 1486 when he was appointed to head an expedition in search of a sea route to India.imgres-1

4. What kinds of items did sailors bring with them on their expeditions?

  1. Peppers
  2. Gold
  3. 300 pairs of clothes
  4. 11,738 liters of water
  5. 7,820 servings of fruit and vegetables
  6. A extra sail for the ship
  7. Extra wood if something breaks on the ship
  8. A map
  9. Knives
  10. Cannons and guns to stay safe

5. Describe the importance of teamwork during a group project.

If we didn’t have teamwork then the group part of the project wouldn’t work and we wouldn’t get anything done because we wouldn’t agree on anything.

6. How did the expeditions benefit the King or Queen’s countries?

This can help theimgres country by giving thier country spices,jewels and riches and we will serve your country and our path is the best because it is the fastest,cheapest and easiest