The Story of a Roman Soldier

Hi, I’m Felix. I am a roman soldier. I was just hired. I have a wife and two kids. I really don’t want to die in battle for the sake of my family. The first job they put me on was arresting Jesus. I don’t  know who this guy is or why he is getting arrested but, it’s my job so I’ll do it. I follow the other soldiers to the garden where this guy is. One of the other soldiers gave me a little bit of information. He said that this guy named Judas was pretending to be Jesus friend and that the guy that Judas kisses is Jesus. Before we get to the garden they give us all a sword or a club. All the new soldiers got clubs the more experienced seemed to get swords. We see Judas and some other people coming out of the Gethsemane. He kisses this man with a beard and long hair, he looked about thirty years old.

We start coming to arrest the man, who is apparently Jesus. I am just about to grab him. Then some wacko cuts my ear off! I put my hand to my ear. All I keep think is ow! My ear hurts! I think I’m gonna cry. But, if I do they’ll never keep me as a soldier, soldiers don’t show weakness to the enemy. I remove my hand from my ear, but, I still feel a hand on my ear. I feel the hand remove. I whip around I see Jesus remove his hand from my ear. I quick put my hand to my ear. It’s healed, in perfect condition like it was brand new.  After that I really wondered why we were attacking this man. Was this really the right thing to be doing? I hear Jesus scolding the man who cut my ear off.

I walk over to a nearby tree and sit down behind it. I start thinking whether this is what I want to be doing or not. I decide I have to this for my family were else will I get a job? I go out from behind the tree. I see one other soldier there he was one of the more experienced ones. “I saw what he did tonight,” He said. “What do you mean?” I asked confused. “I saw him healed your ear,” He said. “Yeah, I know why are we arresting him?” I asked. “He’s crazy, he thinks he’s God, now after I saw what he did there might be some truth to that,” He said. “Oh, By the way do you know where the others went?” I asked. “Yeah, follow me,” He said then started walking. I followed him.