Beginning of the Year Reflections

Thus far the year has been okay. It hasn’t been my favorite… yet. I had a friend that was in every single one of my classes the previous year. This friend made school exciting last year. This year my friend is not in any of my classes. (except for band but even then I can’t interact with this friend.) The year became a lot less interesting with that fact alone. I’ve enjoyed the academics side of it though. I really like all of my teachers. This is the first year I’ve enjoyed social studies. I’m not sure if that’s due to the curriculum or the teacher. I suspect it’s a good mix of both. I’m fond of science class. I find very interesting and intriguing. I’ve learned some different things this year. Not only from school, but from general life. I believe the most important thing I’ve learned so far this year is how to set priorities in order to not become stressed. For example this past week we have had MAP testing. From what I have observed the teachers have given us homework planning that we do this homework during the block time once we have finished the test. I generally take longer than other students on the test. I’m not sure if I’m slow or if there is a different reason. Due to that I normally have a large amount of homework to do at home. I’m also a procrastinator, so that doesn’t help. I found doing most of my homework directly after school helps me not become overwhelmed. This year I’m looking forward to the play among other things.

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