Stoning of Stephen Reflection

1.  What did you do for the Stephen project (ie. newspaper, comic, etc.)?

I did a newspaper article.

2.  What did you do well on the project?  (or what are you proud of and what you want me to look at when I grade it?)

In my newspaper article I twisted the facts to make Stephen sound awful like a normal reporter would.

3.  How do you think you would feel if you were really observing this event?

Not great, I don’t think I would enjoy watching someone get stoned.

4.  Re-read Acts 7:57-58. How would you feel towards Saul?

I’m not sure. I don’t understand why they’re laying their coats at his feet.

5.  What do you think encouraged these early Christians? In other words, why did the early Christians keep up the faith despite the persecution?

They obviously loved Jesus and thought it was very important that others also love him. They must have loved people as well otherwise they wouldn’t have risked their own lives to try to save them.

My Newspaper Article: Stoning of Stephen