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Mexico DF

En los ultimos dos semanas nosotros hemos estudiado el Mexico DF(distrito federal). Lo que mas me llamo fue que hay personas que no tienen casas bien construidas, ni tienen agua corriente y ni siquiera tienen sufficientes policias. Ellos no tienen educaciones buenas y sus… Continue Reading →


La cosa mas importante de las amazonas probablemente sería como ayudar a los nativos. Es mas complejo que podrías pensar porque es como causa y efecto, si cambias una cosa muchas cosas van a cambiar y algunos van a ser cambios malos. Otra… Continue Reading →

Themes of the Old Testament

Conflict and Doubt In the section conflict and doubt, a lot of stuff comes up. To me, the principles that come up the most would be trusting God. The picture above is a nurse/doctors hat. For me, that points to… Continue Reading →

Todo sobre el Immigracion

What I remember from when JP came Facts: 1.Mean lady he got her 2.Water up to knees 3.Shop for shoes 4.Salt lake city 5.Salad/Shrimp 6.Bagel 7.Sarcasm 8.Basketball 9.Winter 10.Bobblehead 11.Leprosy 12.Temperature in India 13.Airports 14.Visa 15.Audio Bible 16.Tall indian short… Continue Reading →

Desafío de COnsumo

Desafío de Consumo   En Estados Unidos un promedio de 95 por ciento de personas tienen un teléfono. También adolescentes promedian tener 9 horas usando la tecnología aunque esto incluye cosas como escuchando música pero esto es muchísimo. Esta semana… Continue Reading →

Living on one dollar

Today we watched a documentary called living on one dollar. It was about these guys who went to pena blanca in Guatamala and spent 56 days living on one dollar a day. It was really fasinating when they were talking… Continue Reading →

Rock Voice thread

Why I am Looking forward to School

I am looking forward to school so that we can get our laptops. Obviously I got mine ’cause that’s what I am using to type this entry. Now that i have mine I am looking forward to having a lot… Continue Reading →

Habbakkuk’s Prayer

Habakkuk’s Prayer says this: The Sovereign Lord is my strength; he makes my feet like the feet of the deer. He enables me to tread on the heights. Now when Habakkuk says that The Lord makes his feet like the… Continue Reading →

El timo

Si yo tenía que escribir lo que pasaría en el robo de la casa del timador escribiría algo como esto. Los niños estarán en la casa de el timo cuando encuentren que Melissa no hizo un trabajo muy bueno apagando… Continue Reading →

Why I am thankful that I am In Spanish

I am thankful to be in spanish imersion because I can translate. I can help other people out. Whenever a TV comercial comes on that has spanish or when my brother isn’t sure about his spanish homework I can help… Continue Reading →

What am I looking forward to about Spring Break

I am looking forward to going on a few pretty short overnight trips to Chicago and around the rest of Michigan.  My Dad will be putting up our trampoline so that we can jump on it. Surely I will also… Continue Reading →

The Roots of the Sea

If i had to write a different ending do the book Roots of the Sea (Raíces del Mar) This is what would happen. Probably Ramón would go back to the library and find the book. Then he would find Captain… Continue Reading →

How have you seen God at work in your life?

I have seen God at work through my devotions. It is as though God is speaking to me through the Bible. The Bible is God’s letter to us. Like Samuel from the Bible I can listen to God by reading… Continue Reading →

What Injustice Does My Charity Face?

Have you ever imagined life without food? Hopefully not. But there are lots of people out there who don’t have any food. That is just not fair. My charity wants to help with this injustice. Little or No food is an… Continue Reading →


What did This story show me about God’s faithfullness and forgiveness? In This story I learned That God is always ready to forgive. His faithfulness is Forever and it is always their. In the story of Abraham God promises to… Continue Reading →

Martin Luther king JR

Martin luther King Jr. Was born on January 15 1929 in Georgia. Martin luther was a black man who strove to keep peace but also help Everybody to be free. He said that love always prevails over hate. He had… Continue Reading →

My favorite winter activities

My family skis a lot. I really enjoy skiing with my family and sometimes my cousins. I also really like to sled even though I get hurt a lot ( I’m typing this with a black eye). Our school has… Continue Reading →

Why is the Bible important

The Bible is important because it is like God talking to us. What God wants for our lives is all written in the Bible. Most importantly the Bible tells us about  the awesome mercy and compassion and love that God… Continue Reading →

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