October 5

Living on one dollar

Today we watched a documentary called living on one dollar. It was about these guys who went to pena blanca in Guatamala and spent 56 days living on one dollar a day. It was really fasinating when they were talking to the other people who had done it for a while and they learned all the tricks and all the ways to get more protein and have more food and stuff like that. It was an interesting story and it really opened my eyes to all the poverty that lots of people are experiencing in other parts of the world.

August 31

Why I am Looking forward to School

I am looking forward to school so that we can get our laptops. Obviously I got mine ’cause that’s what I am using to type this entry. Now that i have mine I am looking forward to having a lot of independence even if it means that we have a lot more responsibility. I am sure that it will be fun to work at mine own pace during math. I am sure this will be another fun year.

June 2

Habbakkuk’s Prayer

Habakkuk’s Prayer says this: The Sovereign Lord is my strength; he makes my feet like the feet of the deer. He enables me to tread on the heights. Now when Habakkuk says that The Lord makes his feet like the deer, well this is no ordinary deer. Habakkuk grew up in Israel so he is talking about the fearless surefooted ibex deer. That is what God makes us. We only have to ask for his help.

June 2

El timo

Si yo tenía que escribir lo que pasaría en el robo de la casa del timador escribiría algo como esto. Los niños estarán en la casa de el timo cuando encuentren que Melissa no hizo un trabajo muy bueno apagando las alarmas. Entonces los niños robarán la tarjeta pero entonces la policía vendrá y ellos esconderán en la casa de el timo. La policía saldrá de la casa y la tarjeta se vendará por $1209982 y todos recibirán $172,852.571, suficiente para la familia de los Bing para quedar en Cedarville y el timador será arrestado.

May 5

Why I am thankful that I am In Spanish

I am thankful to be in spanish imersion because I can translate. I can help other people out. Whenever a TV comercial comes on that has spanish or when my brother isn’t sure about his spanish homework I can help them out. I have lots of opportunities to help out my sister who is also in spanish imersion. My mom has me help her out. This is another opportunity to help out. When I grow u’p I will also have the opportunity to be a spanish teacher.  It opens up new opportunity of vacationing to foreign countries that speak spanish. I am grateful that God has given me the opportunity to be in spanish immersion.





March 31

What am I looking forward to about Spring Break

I am looking forward to going on a few pretty short overnight trips to Chicago and around the rest of Michigan.  My Dad will be putting up our trampoline so that we can jump on it. Surely I will also enjoy taking a little break off from school and playing plenty of wii. I will be looking forward to spending time with my friends too. Our family will also go and see our cousins. While we are with our cousins we will  be visiting a couple of museums.

March 17

The Roots of the Sea

If i had to write a different ending do the book Roots of the Sea (Raíces del Mar) This is what would happen. Probably Ramón would go back to the library and find the book. Then he would find Captain Gondomar. Together they would go on great adventures together. Then one day they get launched into another galaxy.  When they arrive in space they make a friend and it turns out that all the true Gondomars had that happen. The gondomar is a rare species. The people who they thought were their family were actually kidnappers from a foreign planet. Then they all get captured and find out that all the aliens in space are planning to take over the world. Everyone in the world must join together and aided by the top secret intelligence of Gondomar the fight was pretty even. Ramon, Mar, and Marcia all died but then Sra. Margot zaps the leader and then all the aliens get super mad. That is how the aliens took over the world.

March 10

How have you seen God at work in your life?

I have seen God at work through my devotions. It is as though God is speaking to me through the Bible. The Bible is God’s letter to us. Like Samuel from the Bible I can listen to God by reading the Bible. But as our theme for this school year says that we can’t just read the Bible but we have to do what it says. That is how I can listen to God calling. I’ve seen God in my life also like whenever I get sick he helps me get better. I have a family, a free country and a Christian School. All these things are special gifts from God that is one way I have seen God at work.

February 11

What Injustice Does My Charity Face?

Have you ever imagined life without food? Hopefully not. But there are lots of people out there who don’t have any food. That is just not fair. My charity wants to help with this injustice. Little or No food is an injustice even though we don’t deserve food. When other people need help our food My Charity gives food out to others who usually can’t get a job. This Charity Wants to give people food but they also want to give opportunities to others so they can start their own things and even help fight hunger themselves. When you want to face off against hunger just remember that My Charity REALLY wants to fight hunger because it is an injustice that there are lots of people out there who just can’t get good jobs. That is how My Charity faces the injustice of Hunger.

February 4


What did This story show me about God’s faithfullness and forgiveness?

In This story I learned That God is always ready to forgive. His faithfulness is Forever and it is always their. In the story of Abraham God promises to make Abraham a Great Nation and God wasn’t forgetting His Promise. And God forgave the Israelites when they sinned. We just have to come to Him humbly.

Screen Recording

January 21

Martin Luther king JR

Martin luther King Jr. Was born on January 15 1929 in Georgia. Martin luther was a black man who strove to keep peace but also help Everybody to be free. He said that love always prevails over hate. He had many speeches but his most famous speech was probably his dream speech. Martin was assasinated in memphis tenesee on april 4th. He would lead boycotts and always push people to use words instead of fists.

January 14

My favorite winter activities

My family skis a lot. I really enjoy skiing with my family and sometimes my cousins. I also really like to sled even though I get hurt a lot ( I’m typing this with a black eye). Our school has a nice sledding hill and if the conditions are right it can be really fun. Shoveling isn’t too bad especially when you get paid. I like to play tackle football in my backyard with  my siblings. I always enjoy coming inside to have hot chocolate after getting freezing cold. The bad thing is that sometimes it can get just to cold and then my mom has to call us in so that we don’t get frostbite. When i’m inside I enjoy reading books but also playing on our new wii u. With all my siblings we can have a lot of fun on the wii. Those are most of my winter activities. However the food is still really good like hot soup. Snow days never hurt either. Now those are my favorite activities.


December 3

Why is the Bible important

The Bible is important because it is like God talking to us. What God wants for our lives is all written in the Bible. Most importantly the Bible tells us about  the awesome mercy and compassion and love that God gave us when He sent his one and only son Jesus to Die on the cross in my place and to give me salvation. I also love to hear the Bible stories about how GOd chases after lost sinners and how he always catches up and forgives us. I like hearing the stories about how Jesus is capable and willing to heal us spiritually and physically and for me that is one of the hundreds of comforts that I can find when I read the BIble. Among the other c0mforts that I can find when I read are how my enemies are totally incapable of even touching me unless God knows it will be good for me or my faith or both. I like to read the Bible every day and I try to take it on vacation but often I must admit that I don’t always do what the Bible tells me to do but that is why God put the passages about forgiveness. For me the BIble is like light in the darkness that shows me what I must do.

November 19


One thing that I look forwards to about thanksgiving is that I usually get to be with my relatives and my family. I usually get to eat food and it is always just kind of fun to think of all the things God has given me and be thankful for them. I enjoy watching the Lions even though I often have to watch them get blown out by whoever they play. I like going to my aunt’s house because my relatives are always there and there are plenty of dart guns and Nerf Bullets. I like turkey and mashed potatoes and plus it helps that my uncle is a great cook. My cousins like to spoil us and I just like remembering the blessings that God has given me.

November 18

¿Como Dios es fiel con nosotros?

Si quieres ver ejemplos de la fidelidad de Dios solo tienes que mirar alrededor de ti. Yo solo tengo que mirar  afuera y ver el sol y mira en la otra dirección y ver el quinto Grado commons. Yo estoy en la nueva adición. Dios es fiel porque el nos dio una escuela cristiana, un país donde yo no tengo que preocupar sobre que alguien viene y dice que no puedes ser cristiana en America. Yo tengo una familia cristiana y una iglesia y la Biblia y como dice la canción 10,000 razones para encontrar. Cuando yo estoy enfermo yo tengo que creer que Dios todavía es fiel conmigo y que el no me dará mas que yo puedo maniobrar. Una de las mas importantes razones por la cual Dios es fiel conmigo es que el me ha dado la asseguracion de que yo tengo la vida eterna y que yo voy a vivir con Dios. Esta tierra no es mi hogar. Dios también dice en la Biblia en salmos 33:4 que “la palabra del señor es justa y fieles son todas sus obras.” Un ejemplo especifico que demuestra que el Señor es fiel en mi vida es cuando yo estaba enfermo y después yo oré a Dios y entonces Él no solo quito la enfermedad pero el fortaleció a mi fe en Él.

November 13


Nosotros estudiamos el planeta marte. Hay muchos hechos interesantes sobre Marte incluso que Marte puede tener enormes tormentas de arena que pueden cubrir todo el planeta. Marte es la planeta que esta detras de la tierra en orden del sol. Marte es 141,000,000 millas del sol. Marte es un poco mas pequeño que la tierra. Otro hecho es que podrias vivir en marte, La unica planeta que puedes.

November 12

How am I part of God’s covenant

I am part of God’s old testament covenant with the israelites because I belong to Christ and it says in Galatians that if you belong to Christ and you are of Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the promise. God also promised already in Genesis that he would send a savior to redeem us from our sins and to save us. Since I believe that Jesus died and rose again to save me from my sins I become part of the promise and I also know that I will be saved. I am part of Abraham’s seed even though I am not jewish I am part of his covenant with Abraham saying I will bless those who bless you and I will curse those who curse you. God is telling me that he will protect and that I am saved through faith and through faith alone. That also means that Ia m to try to listen to him and obey him. I know that I cannot do this alone God has promised to be with me. I am part of the promises of the old testament covenants because I trust Jesus and I believe that God sent his son to die  for me and there is no question for me. I know that I am saved because I believe.

November 5

What I’m Thankful for

I like it that you come to my soccer and my baseball games. I like it that you come to our singing concerts. I like it that you spoil me and you let me do things my parents would never let me do. I like it that you come camping with us and that you have lots of crafts and fun things for u sto do. I like it that you share in my love for Michigan and you invite us over whenever the game is on cable. I like it that you teach us how to fish and that you share my love for nature. I like it that you are good cooks and that you know a lot of stuff. I like it that you give us things and attend our parties.

November 5

What I’m thankful for

I’m thankful that you always like to spoil me. I like it that you come to my baseball and soccer games. I like it that you come to my concerts and when we sing. I like it that you do all kinds of things that my parents would never do. Of course going to your house is in my top ten weekly things which probably half of them have to do with you. I like that you invite us out to the cottage to swim and tube and that you usually listen to me when I tell you to slow down:) I like it that you enjoy playing games with me and that you take us out to lunch and dinner. I like it that you come to my birthday parties and that you are always ready to help. Thank you!