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November 2015


One thing that I look forwards to about thanksgiving is that I usually get to be with my relatives and my family. I usually get to eat food and it is always just kind of fun to think of all… Continue Reading →

¿Como Dios es fiel con nosotros?

Si quieres ver ejemplos de la fidelidad de Dios solo tienes que mirar alrededor de ti. Yo solo tengo que mirar  afuera y ver el sol y mira en la otra dirección y ver el quinto Grado commons. Yo estoy… Continue Reading →


Nosotros estudiamos el planeta marte. Hay muchos hechos interesantes sobre Marte incluso que Marte puede tener enormes tormentas de arena que pueden cubrir todo el planeta. Marte es la planeta que esta detras de la tierra en orden del sol…. Continue Reading →

How am I part of God’s covenant

I am part of God’s old testament covenant with the israelites because I belong to Christ and it says in Galatians that if you belong to Christ and you are of Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the promise. God… Continue Reading →

What I’m Thankful for

I like it that you come to my soccer and my baseball games. I like it that you come to our singing concerts. I like it that you spoil me and you let me do things my parents would never… Continue Reading →

What I’m thankful for

I’m thankful that you always like to spoil me. I like it that you come to my baseball and soccer games. I like it that you come to my concerts and when we sing. I like it that you do… Continue Reading →

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