If i had to write a different ending do the book Roots of the Sea (Raíces del Mar) This is what would happen. Probably Ramón would go back to the library and find the book. Then he would find Captain Gondomar. Together they would go on great adventures together. Then one day they get launched into another galaxy.  When they arrive in space they make a friend and it turns out that all the true Gondomars had that happen. The gondomar is a rare species. The people who they thought were their family were actually kidnappers from a foreign planet. Then they all get captured and find out that all the aliens in space are planning to take over the world. Everyone in the world must join together and aided by the top secret intelligence of Gondomar the fight was pretty even. Ramon, Mar, and Marcia all died but then Sra. Margot zaps the leader and then all the aliens get super mad. That is how the aliens took over the world.