Pinball Final Post

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Samantha M


  • Is the pinball machine more scientific than you thought?… Yes because it is really hard to make the circuit work. And all of the magnetism.
  • What is one or more things that surprised you? I was surprised at all of the work that we need to do before we really start to construct them, and that it is harder to work with cardboard rather than wood.
  • What is one or more things you learned? I learned that electric circuits are really hard to make.



  • What were the joys of working in a group?You have more people to help you out when things are tough
  • What were some of working in a group? It seems like others in my group did not listen to my ideas.



  • In GENERAL… For future group work. Try to make it the best you can, and work well with whomever you are working with.

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