Bible Memory Verses

Dear Parents, This is a page that compiles all the memory verses and the recordings. It will be available all year long, please check back and help your child practice each month.

If you need a reference on what verse they are memorizing in English, you can find it on the Curriculum Overview document that was given during Parent Info Night.

Please click below to get access to all the verses in Mandarin – They are listed in the same order as the audio recordings.

When we started certain memory verses, and when I am planning to assess the children on it – I will let you know.

Memory Verses



Genesis 8:22



Genesis 28:15



Proverbs 3:5-6



Luke 2:6-7



Matthew 19:14



Matthew 7:7



Matthew 28:5-6



Matthew 28:19-20


All Year Long

The Lord’s Prayer


Fruit of the Spirit – 圣灵的果子

One “fruit” each month

仁爱 love, 喜乐 joy, 平安 peace, 忍耐 forbearance, 恩慈 kindness, 良善 goodness, 信实 faithfulness, 温柔 gentleness and 节制 self-control.

Fruit of the Spirit SONG

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