For the Kidz Gymnastic Field Trip

The class enjoyed Friday morning going on a Fieldtrip to For the Kidz Gym! We had a great time moving and being active – as we learn and play through obstacle course, balance tasks, big trampolines, and a big castle. The children will be able to make quite some connections through this experience when we learn more about motions in our Science Unit when we come back to school and discuss in the afternoon!

Special thanks to Carrie, Erin, Seth and Wanda for chaperoning this fieldtrip 😀

Enjoy the pictures!


Degraaf Nature Center Field Trip

We went to Degraaf Nature Center for our first field trip, and we had fun learning more and applying our five senses 🙂

The children started off with listening to Ms. Lisa as she talked about and help scaffold connections between five senses and the animals, and we also got the chance to pet and touch some different animals!!

We then went on the nature walk and discover different things in the nature (plants,water,animals) and got to use our five senses (we see, we hear, we touch, and we smell too) as we go through the walk! It was definitely a different kind of experience to be learning outdoor 🙂

Before the end of the field trip, we got the chance to explore some little animals, science games and stations indoor at the Nature Center.

I would encourage you to ask your child what did they learn and to have them tell you about the field trip. They were really enthusiastic as they tell me their favorite parts of the field trip!! I will let your children tell you the details of the field trip!

Special thanks to our 3 chaperones Carrie, Ann and Geilyn for this field trip, and our room moms Carrie and Geilyn for donating our classroom snack and drink.

Enjoy the pictures 🙂