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Hi Parents, This page will give you a list of websites or iPad Apps that you can download or check at home as extra resources for children to learn and practice Mandarin through different mediums. If I uploaded something new I will let you know, and if you need quick a couple of minutes tutorials as to how it works, I will provide them on Mondays and/or Thursdays after school, and Thursdays morning before school. Any questions, let me know!




We use this weekly in class to introduce new characters as well as looking at the stroke orders of the characters. You can simply input the characters (through copy pasting from our newsletter) or put in the pinyin with tones and find the correct character. It reads the characters to you, and the stroke orders as well. It also provides you with the radical of the characters.

iPad Apps


– The link is here:


and the app is called 叫叫学汉字 (if you need to copy it to download). It is an app that provides word practices through looking at different parts of a word, having children “write” in stroke order, and a listening to the word and recognizing it game.


– The link is here:


and the app is called 宝贝学汉字 (if you need to copy it to download). It is an app that provides word practices through looking and practicing the characters <provided also is the correct stroke order and the radical of the character>, learning different words which expands the children’s vocabulary bank, and exploring the words in sentences.

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