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‘The Pearl’ Intro- Creative Writing

on May 6, 2013

If I could have anything in the world, I would want a horse. I would like a black horse that has a  white snip on it’s nose. I would also like to have a saddle and all the other stuff you need when you own a horse (I would need: barn, hay, pasture, feed and feeding box, reigns, blankets, combing brushes, ropes to hook it to things so it doesn’t run away, and a house by woods so that I can ride the horse in trails behind my house.). I’ve always loved horses. Last summer, I went to Cran-Hill Ranch and I took a horse camp for a week. I loved it and I basically fell in love with horses. I’ve always wanted one of my own, but taking that horse training camp made me want one even more.

If I got a horse, I would train that horse and spend all my hours with it. I would want to participate in races and try to become the best horse racer who ever lived. – Now, I know that sounds like a little bit of a fairy tale, but I do really want a horse. Maybe I wouldn’t become a professional racer/horse-ridder, but I would sure want to try.

Having a horse would make me more motivated to finish my homework and other tasks I have to do. Having a horse of my own would make me more motivated, because I would want to spend lots of time with it, but as my dad says, “work before play”, I would have to finish my homework and math before I could go hang-out with my horse.

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