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Jesus is the best gift of all
By Josh Ribbens If Jesus never came we wouldn’t be here. Is a millionimportant than dollars more the each of our lives. I have a family that loves me and cares about me. Without jesus there wouldn’t be loving caring family’s there would be hatred. (More)
Names of Jesus
This week in Bible we have been studying different names of Jesus. I have the name (or Names) "My Lord and My God."  The Meaning nowdays would be like saying "My Master." I think this verse Applies to Jesus in his Divinity Because It is talking ab (More)
feet of a deer
this is a ibex and theres a prayer about that the lord is like deers feet (More)
bible project
bible 15 This is my bible project about the old covenant and the new covenant. (More)
Go means to me go and make disciples everywhere! And tell about Jesus & God. (More)
what does it mean to be made in the image of god
It means to help people who need help. (More)
Go and make disciple of all natlons (More)
the crest shows that I want to try to do the pink side and love one auter and not to be pride (More)
Hebrew language
In the bible times they first wrote the bible in hebrew now they have it translated to english. In hebrew language they write their words with no spaces no punctuation they read it from right to left and all capital letters. I know how to unscramble (More)
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