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Hi 2nd grade bloggers
Lesson plans we are blogging in 2nd. (More)
The Planeterium
I learned that there is a equator that spreads across the universe and there is a universal southern and northern hemisphere. Also the Hubble is only a telescope that takes pictures of the deepest parts of the known universe. We also learned a little (More)
Food Web
In science I am learning about plants. Roots give the plant water to make food for it and hold the plant down and aniker it down. Indians planted corn and squash and beans. Plants need water and sun and air and soil. You plant it in the spring. (More)
The roots gets wet  water for  the pant.  In Science plants breathe ocjin.  Roots help the plant not tip over and fall down.   I am very hungey  then they would have pizza. What  do the leaves do, they soak up sun light need to live and grow. How  os (More)
science plants
i am learning  in science is plants what i lern  about is ruts and the stem of a flower stem and we also lern about tree stems  we lern about   trees in science and we lern about   all kinds of things we like to lern cool things like flowers  we like (More)
In science class my class is learning about plants. So far we have been learning that the routs hold up the plants and so they  don\'t fall down. The leafs gather sun and they make the sun into the steam. We have been learning that the steam gaenarat (More)
in science i am learning what is about plants?They have roots to keep the plant in one place.And they are food some times to us.The roots are in the ground and the plants job is to suck up water.They make they oen food.Plants don\'t fly away because (More)
In science class we are learning about plant\'s and how they mack food for there self. There are many kind\'s of pland\'s that we are learning about we are finding different part\'s of the plant\'s and how they grow we know how they make food they ma (More)
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