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Danger of the single story
In school, we watched a video about single stories of Africa, and how that can change things. It was cool to see how it can really change the way you see things when you have multiple stories about the subject. Do you have a single story about Afr (More)
Africa Post
Yes, I hold a single story on Africa. My single story is, is that my friend went and lived in Kenya many years ago. Back when we were in kindergarten. I thought that Africa was all just a small place at first, then slowly learned that it is a huge pl (More)
1. In Nigeria alone their is about 400 languages spoke. 2.in Northern Africa the life expectance is a lot longer than in Southern Africa. 3.its weird how they have more access to cell phones then they have to life's biggest needs.   (More)
How has your thinking/understanding grown this morning? I learned that Africa isn't all in poverty, although a lot of it is. I learned that there is a lot of diversity in Africa, from language to skin color. I learned that a lot of Africans don't (More)
My thinking and understanding has grown and my perspective has broadened by learning about all the different stats that we saw. I wonder why a lot of them have phones and not the food they need to eat. I also learned that there are so many languages (More)
Apartheid en Sudáfrica fue un partido racista en 1948 y 1994. También ocurrió después de la Segunda Guerra Mundial por el Partido Nacional Africano. Desde los años 1950, una serie de sublevaciones populares y las protestas fueron resueltas con la pro (More)
La Unión Africana
Burundi, República de Burundi, es un país en Sudáfrica. En Burundi, hay tensión entre la mayoría de los Hutu y los Tutsi. Burundi también tiene una de los peores economías del mundo.  La gente del hutu y del tutsi han vivido en Burundi por lo menos q (More)
Yesterday we spent some time learning about some people in Africa. Something that I took away from this was the fact that not very many people can afford or have access to medicine for HIV or Aids. I knew that a lot of people cant afford stuff like t (More)
The fact that when we see black people, we think they are from Africa but its not really. The fact that a lot of people in South Africa have cell phones is surprising. The very low number of people who have internet surprises me too. (More)
Repaso del Desafio de Africa
Mi parte favorito de esta actividad fue el debate porque primero, fue divertido, porque gustaba ver a "delegados" de otros paises argumentando, segundo, los dos lados tenian puntos buenos, y finalmente, realizo que delegados de la UA real tenia que d (More)
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