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Ami no me gusta que ay amarillo con rojo porque no se ve muy bien. No me gusta la forma  porque no se ve muy bien con esta forma. Esta forma no se ve como nada. Tu no usaste sufisintes colores deves usar mas. A mi no me gusta que es tan o (More)
It looks like a window. The design is random. The color mix is weird. The red is weird. The yellow is dark. The black is different. I like it. I like the way the colors are. I like red. I would of wrote something nicer if I knew who made it. There is (More)
1.It does not have enough colors to be great. 2.The colors are Red,Yellow and Black. 3.It looks dull. 4.Its in the shadows. 5.Its dark. 6. It makes me feel dark. 7.It makes me feel  alone. 8.Looks like the school. 9.Its not go (More)
Tiene muchas lineas que son de color cafe, amarillo, y de color rojo. Este arte me hace sentir feliz por que un parte mira como una puerta y los otros partes miran como ventanas.  Alguien me esta invitando a su casa. Yo veo algunos formas.  Alg (More)
Tres Mexicanos
: D
This is my first post!! : D (More)
During this design project that our sixth grade has completed I think that every body has improved on team work and talking to other people that we don't know.The skills that I specifically  have seen grow in me is probably team work and taking in ot (More)
Egyptian Museum
In our Egypt group we mad a "garden". It really doesn't look like a graden sadly, but we did our best. We also made a a mummy. What we did is, we took a babydoll wrapped it in tissue paper. Then we put the babydoll in a shoebox and painted it. Our gr (More)
What If Design Project
Our sixth grade class has been asked by the city of Zeeland to design a park on the corner of main street and elm street, which is now an eleven space parking lot. Before we began thinking of ides we went to Tiger Design studio and they just took us (More)
First Post
This is Jacob's first post. (More)
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