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Bible Final Exam #4/Themes of the old testament
Themes of the old testament Back t (More)
Bible final Exam #3
http://blogs.zcs.org/wp-content/default-avatar-32.png?r=G http://blogs.zcs.org/wp-content/default-avatar-32.png?r=G More)
What God is Calling
        God called Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to different lands. But, He gave them the same promise, that their descendants would continue for generations and generations.   I chose (More)
Sinai law- Theme one
1)The Sinai law God made us a commandment to protect us, not to smother us. God always wants to protects us by giving us laws and things to kee (More)
Slavery/ Salvation- Theme Two
  2) Slavery / Salvation This topic/theme about slavery to salvation means to me that if you are in a low and dark place, you can alway (More)
Covenant- Theme Three
3) Covenant  A covenant is like a promise. God has made a lot of covenants with us and with many other people. God has always and will always k (More)
symbol of a lamp
https://voicethread.com/share/13454846/ I chose this picture of the sun to represent that God always shines. David was one of those lamps. He was a man after Gods own heart. And guess who came (More)
I chose this picture because there is co (More)
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