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Friday, May 22
PART I If there was a part of my life that I could freeze it would be when I went to the Georgia skate park for the first time. The reason that I would freeze that part of my life is that it is what started my love for skating. another reason tha (More)
one thing i did this week that i rilly injoyd was bikeing with my friends. We meet at Captan sunday. we talked a long time. then went by school for a bit. it was riealy fun due to us not seeing each outher for a wiyel. (More)
Did God speak to you clearly this week when choosing the possible theme? If so, describe what that was like. If you did not hear God’s voice, how did that make you feel? Did the Zoom on Tuesday make sense to you? Do you have any suggestions for the 8 (More)
Thursday, April 30 Bible
How many Biblical stories do you see represented in this painting? I see eight Which of these stories resonates with you the most? The parting of the Red Sea. Today I would like you to create a blog post. Choose a story represented in this painting (More)
I am Choosing the one where God parted the water. I feel close to this one because of when my grandpa passed away. When he passed away I felt like that the river was in my way and I could not continue. I felt trapped, there was nowhere to go. I had a (More)
Blog post #2
1. How have you experienced God lately? How are you praying to see God’s presence in the world? 5 complete, detailed sentences 1)I have seen God in all the nature I am around. 2)I have heard about him in all the nurses helping people with the caron (More)
Friday, April 24 -- Blog Reflection
What did you learn or think about the most this week from our theme “The Psalms teach us to sing praise to God.” Was there a phrase from a Psalm that stood out? What praise do you sing to God right now? Respond with at least 5 complete sentences. 1) (More)
Tell a story about a time that was difficult this week. What happened? Were there things that comforted you at all? I choose this because during wednesday it was a cach up day. During that day I 4 hours of my day caching up. When I was doen I did my (More)
How have you experienced God lately? How are you praying to see God’s presence in the world? 5 complete, detailed sentences. Number one is that we have sheep behind our house it is fun to see them. I have been praying that God can help coved-19 can p (More)
carona week one
I have been at home for a whole week do to carona. It has been easy to finish work. the problem was the amount of space we have. My mom has taken it to a new level saying I have to get in a tone of exercise. But in all it is nice and chill and a fun (More)
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