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Final Product on the Design Process
At the end of the design process it was time to present. Our three groups each made mock-ups and we all presented them to the clients. al the parents were very impressed that the 6th graders did the work and high schoolers ūüôā some of the feed back i (More)
Design Project (What if?)
On Tuesday March 3 me and my grade split into design groups and my group went to Haworth. We learned about designing in the real world. Then we went to the library and learned that our City Hall Government wants a park downtown in Heritage Square, an (More)
This is a picture of me taking notes. I took notes because of what we are doing these past few weeks. we are designing a park at downtown Zeeland on the corner of Elms and Main street. Our job is to design the park enjoyable for all ages, and accessi (More)
Design project (Continuation )
The big proces all started with ree reading the brief.  After we ree read the brief we wrote key words that stood out to us we put them up on a big wall and then all stood up there and made infinity clusters. After the infinity clusters were made  we (More)
What If? Innovation Project
In the past 3 weeks we have learned how to be designers. My skill has improved in the last 3 weeks with working with my friends more and learning that the audience is not always going to respond how you want them too. My whole grade has worked really (More)
Our Innovation Project.
Over the whole process, I have learned a lot about myself, and about other people. I have learned that working in a group can be easy, like this project, and can be hard, like our egyptian project. We came up with a pretty cool park and good ideas fr (More)
What if?
What I've involved: My skill of creative and wisdom has improved a lot these three weeks. I got to have fun with my skills and others when we were making our project. I had fun learning new skills for this project. I have involved in working with (More)
Design Project Experience
I think that this experience was really good for us because it taught us how to do something that we had never done before and also how life is very different when you aren't in school for most of the day. I think that it helped us with thinking crea (More)
Design Project~Using Our Skills
In the design I have learned to be better at working together in a group. In this project we had to work together a lot. For this project we had to come up with ideas while we were in groups and we had to all agree on the idea so we also had to compr (More)
Design Project
We have been brainstorming ideas for the park downtown Zeeland. This has not always been easy, but I enjoy designing the space downtown. Yesterday we started designing the space and we drew pictures that we could use. My design studio wanted to have (More)
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