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We put a small pop bottle as the magma chamber and the funnel as the pipe and the crater. We also used 2 ping pong balls to make a homemade smoke bomb. Finnally we paper mached it and painted it.More)
Volcano Project
In science class, we had to create a volcano out of paper mache. We based ours off of Maun (More)
Volcano Project
This week we did a project where we had to pick a volcano and then build a paper mache replica. For our volcano we chose to model Cerro Negro which is in Nicaragua. One interesting fact about our volcano is that people go sand boarding down the side (More)
Mt. St Helens Volcano
 Here is a picutre of our Mt. St Helens volcano. I was in a group with Will and Gideon and we all worked together to make it happen. In science class we had to re creat (More)
Volcano Project
In science we made a volcano and labeled it. We also had to learn how to paper mache. My group was Jonny and Jazz. we didn't always get along but we got out project done. We learned a lot from this project. More)
Volcano Project
Our volcano was pretty great! We started out rough, but one we got the hang of it we were pretty good. I was with Dante and Will. We (More)
Math Project: Pythagorean Theorem
In math we learned about the Pythagorean Theorem, our teacher had us think of a time when you could us the Pythagorean Theorem in real li (More)
Spaghetti Tower
Our tower didn't go too well, our egg fell. We thought it was going to go well but there wasn't the same shacking power, because Mr Devries isn't a robot. During the work time one of us, who will remain nameless, shook the table and broke an egg and (More)
Pythagorean Theorem project
We made a pythagorean theorem project and we chose to use the equation Ians Hammock "Ian wants to put a hammock in his (More)
Pythagorean Theorem Project
Our project is about Jeff who is trying to paint his window, he knows how far it would be from the ladder on the ground to the building and from the ground to the window but he doesn't know how much ladder to use so he needs to use the pythagorean th (More)
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