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Math Project: Pythagorean Theorem
In math we learned about the Pythagorean Theorem, our teacher had us think of a time when you could us the Pythagorean Theorem in real li (More)
Spaghetti Tower
Our tower didn't go too well, our egg fell. We thought it was going to go well but there wasn't the same shacking power, because Mr Devries isn't a robot. During the work time one of us, who will remain nameless, shook the table and broke an egg and (More)
Pythagorean Theorem project
We made a pythagorean theorem project and we chose to use the equation Ians Hammock "Ian wants to put a hammock in his (More)
Pythagorean Theorem Project
Our project is about Jeff who is trying to paint his window, he knows how far it would be from the ladder on the ground to the building and from the ground to the window but he doesn't know how much ladder to use so he needs to use the pythagorean th (More)
Math Project
For our experiment we made a zipline. We came up with the idea by thinking how tall something would be an how long in order to get the correct amount of something. We first thought we would make a fish blocker, but that wouldn’t really work. So than (More)
Pythagorean Theorem Project
For math class, we were assigned partners to make a pythagorean theorem project. Joey and I had to come up with a s (More)
Math Project Reflection
I think that this project was fun, and that it taught us how to use it in the real world. It is good to deviate from the normal lesson day and turn it into a fun project. We think our answer that Jimmy skated 135.52 feet is reasonable. It is reasonab (More)
Pythagorean Theorem Project
For our experiment we made a zip line. We came up with the idea by thinking how tall something would be an how (More)
Math Problem
How we came up with this idea was Lauren was thinking about it while Mr. Devries was explaining this idea. She was also thinking about Christmas decorations as well and so that was how our idea started. Our idea was that someone needed to decorate th (More)
Pythagorean Theorem
In math class this week we had to make a 3D model that would represent the pythagorean theorem. ^ this is our mod (More)
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