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Christian Persecution
Gruppen 1 Luke Gruppen LA, 8A Mrs. Roskamp 9 March 2017 Persecution Paper In 2016, 90,000 Christians were killed. This equaled one every six minutes.  God has blessed us as Americans with many resources including the ability to earn (More)
Metaphor Writing
Andrew DeBlecourt Mrs. Roskamp LA, 8C 14 November 2016 Jungle I am a jungle. A jungle has lots of things that people know about, but other things that people don’t know as much about. I also have lots of things that people know about a (More)
Metaphor Writing
Weston Mannes Mrs. Roskamp LA, 8B November, 14, 2016 Metaphor Writing I am an ocean. I have many similarities to an ocean. My first similarity is I can hold and comfort many creatures. Just like me (More)
Thematic Writing
Andrew DeBlecourt Mrs. Roskamp LA, 8C 19 October 2016 Trials of Apollo The Trials of Apollo, is a book that talks about many different people, with many different attributes that are unique to them. It talks about Apollo, who is blamed (More)
Thematic Writing
Luke Gruppen Mrs. Roscamp LA, 8A 19 October 2016 Thematic Writing Through this book I realised that In life it might feel easier to run from the problem you are facing, instead face it. I think this is a valuable lesson to learn at (More)
Thematic writing
Mrs. Roskamp LA, 8B 19 October 2016 Thematic Writing The book Gulliver's travels is a book about a guy named Gulliver. He is an explorer and once upon a time he was on a voyage and a storm swept him up. He found himself tied to the ground on (More)
Elwood Mansion Murder
The Elwood family was the only family on the entire lake with an elevator in their house. The elegant four floor mansion was purchased by Michael Elwood from the bank two years ago, after a rich elderly man passed away. The elevator was a necessity f (More)
LA Mystery (with solution)
Trinity Kraal Mrs. Roskamp LA, 8A February 12, 2016 The Deed It was a dark night, the clouds had gone over the moon and very few stars were in the sky. Even if they were you wouldn’t be able to see them. It was storming outside, and the wind was (More)
LA Mystery
  Just a typical Monday off, which was spent by Johanna Smith, a 17 year old girl at Tanger Outlets, one of her favorite places to shop, I mean, Starbucks, American Eagle, Nike, and so much more! Why wouldn’t she spend her day off there? I me (More)
The Mystery of the Missing Golf Bag
Logan DeWitt Mrs. Roskamp 8C, LA 12 February 2016 The Missing Golf Bag It was April 6, 2020, and T.J. Clark was on the practice putting green at the Masters golf tournament. He was putting with his caddie by his side named Travis Mille (More)
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