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Christian Persecution Paper
Christians have been, and always will be a minority in religion in our world, they currently make up only about 25% of the world’s population. Christians have been persecuted in the past and are still being persecuted in countries today, such as, Ind (More)
Will Baas- Sudan Research Paper
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pASjWiz_SWybGaD8y58_bagS1_2BWtMpryxv8LSQjQE/edit (More)
Thematic writing
Mrs. Roskamp LA, 8B 19 October 2016 Thematic Writing The book Gulliver's travels is a book about a guy named Gulliver. He is an explorer and once upon a time he was on a voyage and a storm swept him up. He found himself tied to the ground on (More)
The mystery of the locker room murder
The mystery of the locker room murder It was an ordinary day at Zeeland Christian for most, but for Leah Cooper it was going to be her last day alive. After school one day Abby, Leah, Avery, Elle, and Nycole went to the Locker room after school b (More)
Elwood Mansion Murder
The Elwood family was the only family on the entire lake with an elevator in their house. The elegant four floor mansion was purchased by Michael Elwood from the bank two years ago, after a rich elderly man passed away. The elevator was a necessity f (More)
The Story of the Stolen Pickle
Story of the stolen Pickle It was a morning that started out very shocking. Somebody stole Eli’ s pickle. He yelled at the top of his lungs and cried out, “ my pickle has been stolen,” So he started crying and the bag was ripped and there was bloo (More)
Mystery Story
Chloe Ensing Mrs. Roskamp 8B, LA 12 February 2016 It was a Tuesday and Mrs. Williams was especially happy because she was looking forward to her special lunch of mountain dew and peanut butter chocolate pie. She was so happy she decided to let (More)
My Mystery Story
“What happened here?” The detective asked, looking at the cold corpse none other than Winni. It had been a few days after the crime had happened. “I don’t know sir,” the poor man known as Wensin replied. “I was just doing my night shift here at th (More)
Mystery of The Stolen Hockey Stick
Jake Onstott Mrs. Roskamp LA, 8C The Mystery of The Lost Hockey Stick It was a dark Thursday night at the LC Walker Ice arena. The Lumber Jacks were playing the Grand Rapids Blades. These two teams are arch rivals and it’s always a battle w (More)
       The first thing that was strange about the newly constructed hotel in Belfast was its lack of stairs. The six-story building stood near the Passagassawakeag Estuary, closely surrounded by smaller buildings. Across the street was a library, (More)
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