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Special day! Lisa Timmer from Ditto First meeting! Looking for ideas to sell and help our friend Danny. West Michigan Therapy Dog Blessings Stay warm!!! (More)
21-25 January
¡Queridos Padres! How can we help our friend Danny in the Philippines attend Grace Community School? The cost to pay tuition is so high, his family needs help.   The next couple of weeks,  through Project Based Learning  (PBL) we will raise money fo (More)
14-18 Jan.
¡Queridos Padres! We had a fabulous first school week! Your child was ready to be challenged in school to learn new things! We started safety lessons with Officer Breuker. (More)
News/Blog Post
¡Queridos Padres! Happy New Year!!! I hope and pray that all of you have had a great Christmas Vacations. All year long we remember that our Lord and Savior was born, but I truly love this time/season when all together celebrate Him in Bethlehem. (More)
Christmas Vacations
Dear Parents, Christmas Break is a wonderful time for the children to enjoy the holidays and their family. During this time the children will be involved in many activities outside of school which is wonderful: we want them to play and have a great (More)
Week # 17
¡Queridos Padres! WOW! One week ahead before Christmas Vacations. I pray and hope that all of you will have an amazing time with family and friends! We will have our C (More)
Week #16
  ¡Queridos Padres! Thank you for filling out the form for the field trip to City on the Hill. We are looking forward to walking there and have the opportunity of been han (More)
Week #15
¡Queridos Padres! Welcome, December! Here is the newsletter for this coming week. Thank yo (More)
Special day!
The kids have earned a special day - which will be this Thursday, November 29th (tomorrow).   It will be a pajama day!  Hot chocolate is on me 🙂  (More)
Week #13 & #14
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