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Special day tomorrow
¡Hola! This is a reminder of our special day tomorrow!  "stuffed animal day". Your child can bring a stuffed animal not bigger than their red communication folder. This is just to gives you an idea for the size. It can be a little bit bigger than th (More)
Newsletter / Blog Oct 21
¡Queridos Padres! We had a great week! I am very blessed to be your child's teacher 🙂 I am praying already (More)
Parent/Teacher Conference
¡Queridos Padres! Here is once again the link for the information letter for conferences. Please click here ->  THIS LETTER to access the information.  Also, pl (More)
Newsletter/ Blog Oct. 14
¡Queridos Padres! I pray and hope you will all have a wonderful weekend! This coming week will be our last (More)
Newsletter/Blog Oct. 7
¡Queridos Padres! We stared with safety lessons with Officer Breuker on Tuesday, we expect him for 2 more Tuesdays. Thank you very much for helping us to establish this new rou (More)
Couple things
¡Queridos Padres! This a friendly reminder 🙂 We will have our school picture taken on this coming Wednesday at 11:30 am. If you haven't sent your child's envelope please send it on or before Wednesday. More)
Newsletter/Blog Sept 30 - Oct 4
¡Queridos Padres! We had a great four days week! Next week we are looking to start with safety lessons with Officer Breuker on Tuesday. He will come for 3 Tuesdays in a row for those lessons. We will also have on Wednesday our picture taken. Please (More)
Math test
¡Hola queridos padres! We will have our first math test tomorrow. I am sending today the review 😉 In Christ; Yajaira (More)
More pictures
Math with friends outside! Our commitment as a class! (More)
Newsletter/blog Sept. 23
¡Queridos Padres! I give thanks and glory to God for these amazing kids that shows me Gods love every day! I thank you for allowing me to have the honor!  We have had a great and fun week last week. I hope you enjoyed the pictures that I posted! 201 (More)
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