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Our week!
Enjoy these pictures!!! Building a ramp during technology with Keva planks. Reading with 6th graders! 6th graders helping us with CASA project! Brielle's wonderfully made! (More)
Newsletter/Blog Dec 16
¡Queridos Padres! -> Next week Thursday the 19th we will have our Christmas Chapel. First graders will participate in leading part of the worship.  We'd love to see you come and join us for this as well to celebrate the birth of Christ the Newb (More)
Newsletter / Blog Dec 9
¡Queridos Padres! I am praying for each and every one of us! It has been a very hard few days behind us. My prayer is for health and stamina as we finished in 2019!    During this holiday season,  all of the first grades will be focusing on t (More)
Newsletter/Blog Nov 25 - Dec 6
¡Queridos Padres! I give thanks to God every day for each of you and each of my students (your child) It is very hard to think about me leaving this place 🙁 and this community. I am sure God will be with us, but my feelings sometimes flourish!  (More)
Hello! This is a reminder of our trading day. If your child is going to be out of school and you want them to participate in the trading you can send their "trading things" tomorrow and I will collect and pass their stuff on Tuesday. SOCIAL STUDIE (More)
Newsletter/Blog Nov 18
¡Queridos Padres! We had a great/short week! I was very grateful for the snow day. Today we enjoyed the Strike Time Presentations from Hope College. Ask your child about it! We are planning a food drive for His Harvest Stand...which is located ju (More)
Newsletter/Blog Nov 11
¡Queridos Padres! Certainly, first graders have had enjoyed the snow! I am not sure if I am enjoying it as same as them?!? But here we go! We are planning a food drive for His Harvest Stand...which is located just down the street at City on a Hil (More)
More pictures
Field trip & Grandparents day pictures
Newsletter/Blog Nov 4
¡Queridos Padres! We had a great time with Grandparents & Grandfriends! I will post some pictures 🙂 Below is a note from Jodi Pierce.  Immersion 101 Parent Meeting Join us to learn more about the ZCS approach to immersion education! We will m (More)
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