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March 25 - 28
¡Queridos Padres! Yay! Let's celebrate the great job that they did at the musical. Even though I was not there for the whole time I enjoyed some! Wow! Only 4 days for Spring Break 🙂 There are a couple of things for these four days before the br (More)
Hi! Tomorrow will be a very special day! Between musical performances and a special day earned by the entire class. Here is once again the musical information. March 19 Spring Elementary Music Program at Community Reformed Church in Zeel (More)
March 18-22
¡Queridos Padres! We had a great time at Meijer Gardens! A HUGE thanks to drivers, chaperones and snacks provider!!! On Thursday we had the opportunity to hear from Joel Tannis and how he uses the talents and abilities that God has given him to give (More)
Kate’s & Ty’s celebration
Kate's wonderfully made celebration Ty's wonderfully made celebration (More)
March 11-15
¡Queridos Padres! I hope you all had a great weekend! Here is the information for the field trip on Tuesday. Please send your child with their own b (More)
March 4 -8
¡Queridos Padres! A great five days week here in first grade! Between Zero the Hero, Therapy dogs and the kick-off for March reading month. Our Spring Elementary Music Program is quickly approaching! Mark your calendars for Tuesday evening, Mar (More)
100 day and Zero the hero STEM (More)
Bennett's wonderfully made celebration (More)
February 25 - March 1
¡Queridos Padres! I hope you have enjoyed the weekend! I had the blessing to attend to A Weekend To Remeber at Grand Rapids from Family Life. It was amazing!!! If you have attended this event you know what I am talking about, but if you haven't I wi (More)
Valentines pictures Addison's celebration Addy's celebration (More)
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