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Week #12
¡Queridos Padres! It is amazing to be able to enjoy all the seasons that the Lord created for us, even though I don't love the snow! Here is a note regarding the winter gear 🙂 It seems that winter weather is upon us whether we are ready for it o (More)
Week #11
¡Queridos Padres! We had an amazing time with grandparents on Friday! I hope you all had enjoyed the pictures. Report cards will be posted by Friday, November 6, 2018. In Technology class, first graders are starting a new unit about internet safe (More)
Field trip pictures
Week #9
¡Queridos Padres! It is a short week ahead of us! Parent-teacher conference is near us. I am very excited to meet with you and celebrate your child! A HUGE thanks to drivers and chaperons, we had a great time at the museum! Grandparents’ & (More)
Week # 8
¡Queridos Padres! We had the Delta Math screening last week. If you would like to see your child's results, please send an email to Maria Klompmaker mklompmaker@zcs.org Please take a moment to fill out thi (More)
Parent-Teacher Conference questionary
¡Hola queridos padres! Please as your convenience take a moment to fill out this form. Loading...   (More)
Week #7
¡Queridos Padres! Another great week! Our siting map has changed, I hope and pray that the new sit is for the best for each and everyone in the class. We will have Delta Math test tomorrow. Delta Math is a RtI program that provides online readine (More)
Science! Wonderfully made Sawyer! Social Studies! (More)
Social Studies activity http://blogs.zcs.org/yruiz/files/2018/10/img_6608.mov Olivia's wonderfully made celebration (More)
Week #6
¡Queridos Padres! Seems like has arrived the season for hoodies, boots, hot cocoa, jeans, sweaters, fog, rain, and cool weather! Welcome fall 🙂 I hope all of you had a gr (More)
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