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Mystery--The Case of the Stolen Diamond
The Case of the Stolen Diamond   In the small town of Riverside Falls, there was a rich couple, their names were John and Mary, and they owned one of the most valuable diamonds in the world. Everyone envied them for it, and no one knew the real (More)
8th Grade Theme
They have no speech, they use no words; no sound is heard from them.  Yet their voice goes out into all the earth. Their words to the end of the world. Psalm 19:3-4   As a eighth grader, I will let my actions speak for me. I will no (More)
What if project: Q and A
Lately at school we have been working on a design project, we are designing a park for our city.We have interviewed people on what they think and what they would like in the park.Today (march 11 2013) we are brainstorming ideas i would tell you them (More)
Design project overview (The Last post of What if Design project part 2)
Okay okay I know I know The post posted before this one was the so called"Last post of what if? design project." I know but i had so much more to write and the only way to put it was to write a part 2.So Yup he is the run down of what happen first so (More)
Design project overlook (Last post of the What If? Project)
Okay if you didn't know we just finished you design (What if ?) It was a huge success and yes for all wondering i can tell all the ideas it is public info now So go ahead ask that question.... ask i beg of you..... Anyway the three parks that were fo (More)
Alliteration Poem Prancing Porky Pines  This is a Prancing Porky Pine It lives in prisons, ponds, prairies, and pizza parlors A Prancing Porky Pine eats pancakes, prunes, pasta, and peaches It likes pawing, peeing, praying and petting puppies (More)
What If Design Project
Our sixth grade class has been asked by the city of Zeeland to design a park on the corner of main street and elm street, which is now an eleven space parking lot. Before we began thinking of ides we went to Tiger Design studio and they just took us (More)
Q and A part 2 what if design project?
As said in my last post we brainstormed but yesterday (march 12) we added the ideas together with to make them  better and find an exact solution for the park.We were split into four group within our design group.We drew out our ideas the help of a p (More)
Egyptian Project
     My grade has been making an egyptian museum for about 1 month or so. We had to make an exhibit and we get to present it soon. I worked on hieroglyphics and getting supplies. I didn't have that many ideas but I had some.      My favorite part (More)
Walk like an Egptyian
What did we make:Me and my group made an Egyptian museum.It has all the parts that make it a social class it even has a live mummy (okay okay it wasn't an Egyptian mummy it was a group member but still.)We worked very hard both at  home and at school (More)
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