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The Lord\'s Prayer
In bible class we have been talking about how to pray. Today we were looking at the Lord\'s prayer. I think the line, \"Your kingdom come, your will be done\"  is an important verse because a lot of the time when we pray we ask God for things and thi (More)
The Lord\'s Prayer
\"And forgive us our debts\" I chose this line because I feel like this is one of the lines that we should pray more often. This line means that we have to bring our sins and bad things we have done to God and ask for forgiveness. I think that we (More)
The Lords Prayer
I like the phrase \"And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil\" , and i like that phrase because we are always are going to be in a situation of temptation, but since we know that God is on our side and he can lead us out of that situa (More)
The Lord\'s Prayer
In the Lord prayer it says Lead us not into temptation,  Because the devil does that because the devil on the left side of your shoulder an tempt us to do stuff that is wrong and it is bad . (More)
Tim Bosch Chapel
At our last chapel Tim Bosch came and talked about his story. Tim has had brittle bone decease all of his life. He was born with 12 broken bones and the doctors told his parents that he probably wouldn\'t live more than one day. Now he is 18 years ol (More)
Tims chapel
Tim has a disease that I can not pronounce that is called brittle bone disease. He is way more joyful on a daily basis than i am in a week and I have more complaints exponentially than he does in a week than I have in a day. I want to thank Tim for c (More)
Tim\'s Chaple
Yesterday Tim came in and talked about his life and his it came to me that God works in mysterious ways. I need to conquer my fears in life and just live a life that God had made for me and if he gives me struggles then deal with them and ask God for (More)
Tim\'s Chapel
At chapel Tim spoke and it made me feel lucky because you have to think about what God has given you and respect the people that gone through this and praise God for what he has given you and it makes you think of the people that are sick and God mak (More)
Tim\'s Message
His message to me was very impactive because it let me see that others have a life worse than mine and still have a better attitude about it. I think that every one should hear that story because it could help with people that are feeling down. (More)
I think Tim inspired me that no matter what happens we shouldn\'t give up on God. I mean if I were Tim I would be petty mad at God. But Tim still loves God. I get frustrated at God sometimes but this has made me realize why should I be frustrated wit (More)
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