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Themes of the Old Teastament
Names In the old t (More)
Science density column
 All of the different liquids didn't mix because they had different densities and they ended up stacking on top of each other. (More)
5 layer density column
This is my 5 layer density column. I predicted that it would go in that order. The order was (from bottom to top) corn syrup, dish soap, water, veget (More)
Africa Intro. Activity
New things learned- People live longer in Northern Africa than Central Africa. A lot of Native Africans don't even look like Native Africans. Things already knew- The majority of people are more poor but some people are actually wealthy. (More)
Africa is full of all different kinds of people, some are natives, some are refugees, and some have come from their home countries to be in Africa, or are decedents of people who came over. In Africa a lot of the countries are undeveloped, and poor, (More)
That there are so many different languages in Africa and they all know more than one or two languages. Africans can be all different types of other people from different countries. Africa is the continent with the most Christians, most of them (More)
Africa Reflection
Some things that I learned is that not everyone has the same color skin. Another thing is that there is over 400 languages in Nigeria. Its crazy to think about how many languages are in Africa. Theres places in Africa that that are rich and theres pl (More)
Africa Reflection
I learned lots about Africa that I didn't know yet. There are so many languages in Nigeria that there are more than all the kids in 4-8th grades at our school. The expected age to live is higher in North Africa than Central Africa. Lots of the kids t (More)
Africa intro. actiuity
what I learned I learned that if you live in different places in Africa you can live sorter then other places that has better food supplies and better water. I learned that people don't need to look like what you think to  live in Africa. I alr (More)
Africa Intro Activity
I learned that only some people have working toilets and others have to go outside. I learned that where you live can affect how long you live for and how spoiled and blessed we are. I already knew that a lot of people don't have clean water and they (More)
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