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México DF
Algo que causaria la desigualdad son el patron de que quizas hay una familia que son campesinos y luego su cosecha no es sucecivo y luego no tienen tanto dinero. Si esto pasa no tendran mucho dinero. Despues si pasa otra vez van a tener que mudar a l (More)
https://drive.google.com/a/zcsms.org/file/d/0B5CwQp0nqtb7UTNva1U5dG9yRU0/view?usp=sharing​ (More)
I learned that Nelson Mandela was a big big rugby fan. And that rugby is like THE sport in south africa. and how much it meant to the people of south africa. and I learned about Nelson Mandela's time in prison when they visited their.and learned that (More)
Africa Reflections
I think some of the facts we learned this morning were quite eye-opening. Nearly half of adults in subsaharan Africa are illiterate. This one struck me as important because, without being able to read and write, how will future generations run t (More)
Africa Talk Reflection
Even though people may have a different skin color they can still be born in Africa, just like how black people are born in the US. Anybody of any skin type can be born in any country. Today I learned that in Africa, most people don't any phones or e (More)
We did the Faces of Africa activity and we were taking a test that had multiple pictures of people on them and we had to guess if they were from Africa of not from their appearance. I learned that not all people in Africa look the same or what we thi (More)
1. In Nigeria alone their is about 400 languages spoke. 2.in Northern Africa the life expectance is a lot longer than in Southern Africa. 3.its weird how they have more access to cell phones then they have to life's biggest needs.   (More)
Africa Intro. Activity
I learned that there is over 400 different languages in Nigeria by its self. I also learned that people more Southern in Africa on average live longer than people more north. I already knew that it was not a very developed country. I wonder (More)
Africa Intro
There's a lot I don't and didn't know about Africa, I learned how if you live in upper Africa, your expected life spand is about 10 years longer than if you live in mid Africa. I also leaned about how manny languages people speak in each country in A (More)
Africa Intro. Activity
I learned that the people is Africa tend to die around age 51,53. I already knew that most people there are in poverty but i didn't know that some haven't ever been in a class room. I wonder if what there fast food places are like or if then even hav (More)
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