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In science, we have been building volcanoes. My group's volcano was Mount Fuji, a composite volcano. Mount Fuji is made of layers of basalt.  (More)
Volcano Project
over the past 2 weeks in science, we have been researching and creating volcanos that are models of the real ones, my group decided to do Mount Vesuvius in Italy, it has been fascinating to learn about all this volcanic information. (More)
Volcano Project
Volcano Project
The past few weeks we have been working on our volcanoes. My group consisted of Quinten, Alex and I(Caleb). Alex is not pictured. Our first step in this project was to make a poster about the 3 different types of volcanoes and 1 real volcano in the w (More)
marshmallow spaghetti tower
was good fam!!!  in science we are building earthquake resistant houses! they are made out of marshmallows and spaghetti sticks.  ours is surprisin (More)
Spaghetti Tower Reflection
We have been working recently on a project in science involving making spaghetti towers. Our (Alex, Aiden, Cal, and Caleb) tower did not go so well.The requirements of the tower were it had to be 40 inches high and hold an egg on to of it during an e (More)
Science Spaghetti Tower Challenge
In our tower we have a square base. At first our walls collapsed so we had to start over but in the end we made a tower. I wish that we had more support for our egg because we don't really have much. Another thing that I wish had happened was that we (More)
Spaghetti Tower
Our tower is very tall, and it kind of leans over to one side. It has a mass of 77 grams. The base has an x inside of a rectangle for more support. Hopefully it will work, but I don't think it will hold the egg very well. We also have more xes in (More)
Spaghetti Towers
Today we made spaghetti towers. Our group had 3 strategies. One of our strategies was to have support beams th (More)
Tilted Towers Co.
Our spaghetti structured tower was created out of three types of materials, the beams which were spaghetti, the joints holding it together were marshmallows, and we had extra security using masking tape. We began our process by research and then draw (More)
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