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Boat Project
We made a boat out of different materials and made it to look  like a sailboat. We thought it would go fast and win but it didn't make it past the start line before it fell off the canal. We did not finish and got last place.  We made changes by taki (More)
Boat Project
We have a side bar so the boat doesn't tip and makes it stay straight. The first trial went good we got the second best time in our class. We will add more tape and make the back have more weight .More)
Science Boat project
Our first trial did not go very well. Our boat tipped over asa soon as it was let go. We will probably take off the sail because that is what was making it tip over. We hope that the boat makes it to the end. We want it to finish so we can at least g (More)
Boat Project
I think our boat did pretty well and went pretty fast. We got 2nd place for the first trial and I hope we can improve our first time. We are going to add a little weight to the back because it was kind of nosediving a little bit and we are going (More)
Boat Project
For our boat project we made our boat out of styrofoam and tinfoil and tape. We had a sail that was attached to popsicle sticks and it worked very well. It went fast. There were popsicle sticks to keep it straight. We will put more tape on the popsic (More)
Science Boat Project
We made a boat out diffirent materials and modeled ours after a catermaran. We hoped it would go fast but it didn't even cross the starting before it tipped. We DNF'd and got 7th... We ripped off our sail and put a balloon on it and it floated over i (More)
Boat Races
Our boat was two pieces of styrofoam connected by straws with a notecard sail. Our boat didn't finish in the first trial because it tipped over right near (More)
Our first trial we had a little issue with the sail so we got a DNF, but today after a test run we look to get a better run. What happened is th (More)
Boat races
    We did good on the first trial we got   We will cut the rudder off and and change the direction and placement of the (More)
Boat Project
Me and my group hope that the balloon would push it forward, but it didn't work. We ended up just using a simple sail. We got first place with out boat. I don' t think we need any more changes to out boat. If we did make changes I would want to add a (More)
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