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Volcano Project
Our volcano explosion is made of baking soda and vinegar. Our group worked well we got everything done. Everything went well. What didn't go w (More)
Science tower
We made at tower out of spaghetti and marshmallows and tape.  The building of the tower was great and the tower felt sturdy but when we have to put an egg in it and put it in the earthquake simulator the egg stayed in it for 5 seconds of the 10 secon (More)
Spagetti Tower
In science right now we built spaghetti towers. We were required to make a tower out of spaghetti that could hold an egg in an earthquake for at least 10 seconds. We used cross bracing to keep it stable and we made a nest to hold the egg. Marshmallow (More)
Spaghetti Tower
Our tower didn't go too well, our egg fell. We thought it was going to go well but there wasn't the same shacking power, because Mr Devries isn't a robot. During the work time one of us, who will remain nameless, shook the table and broke an egg and (More)
Earthquake Tower
In science class we  were given the assignment to create a tower out of spaghetti, marshmallows, and tape. We had $4875 to build it. Spaghetti cost $100 per stick. Marshmallows cost $50. Tape cost $25 per inch. In my group I was the architect. I basi (More)
Math Project Pythagorean Theorem
After the project was finished, we felt satisfied. Laying out the problem was much more challenging than previously expected. The mo (More)
Pythagorean Theorem Project
  In math we had to make a project and model that represented the Pythagorean Theorem. We made a school with a (More)
Pythagorean Theorem Project
In math class for the last week we have been working with the Pythagorean Theorem. We had to come up with a real life example for a right triangle. My group came up with a ramp for a school. We did this because builder need to use the Pythagorean The (More)
Math Project: Pythagorean Theorem
Weston the Robot wants to know how far away from him his shadow is so that he knows what time it is. If he is 6 feet tall and hi (More)
Math 3D Project
We needed to find a right triangle that people use in real life. So then we had ideas and asked Jaclyn if it make (More)
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