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Spaghetti and Marshmallow Tower
This week in science we had to make a tower made of raw spaghetti and Marshmallows. One Marshmallow is 1 centimeter and one spaghetti stick is 25 centimeters. On the top of the tower we made a little nest for the eggs made with the extra spaghetti st (More)
Spaggheti and Marshmallow Tower
 Our tower was 39 cm tall. We had a cradle for the egg. It is like a nest and we hope it does (More)
Spaghetti Tower- Tilted towers- Aiden,Calvin,Caleb,Alex
What our ORIGINAl idea of the tower was to have a big base, which we do have. Our idea was to have a big base to have more stability and level the weight out. As well to support the base and make it a lot more reliable we made cross braces to make it (More)
Spaghetti and Marshmallow Tower
This week in science we worked on making a spaghetti and marshmallow tower. We made a little "nest" made out of spaghetti to go on top and hold the egg. We also tried to make triangle shapes out of the spaghetti to help it be more stable. It's about (More)
Spaghetti & Marshmallow Tower
For about a week are whole class had to make a spaghetti tower with marshmallows and tape. We need to make a strong enough tower to hold an egg and survive a mini earthquake. Our company name is Solid Structures. Our slogan is "You won't fall with us (More)
Spagetti tower
In my group, we had ups and downs. We decided to melt the marshmallows witch helped the tower harden more to stay in the spot we needed. We made a cradle at the top and had spaghetti sticks pointed out of the top. We had support beams and we doubled  (More)
Math Project
              Tricker is at Hobby Lobby picking out a picture frame for a picture of him and his dog, Trooper. He is looking for a picture frame that is 8” x 10”, but h (More)
Pythagorean Theorem Math Project
We chose to do a burrito for the project bec (More)
Pythagorean Theorem Project- Jaiden Schaafsma
We started of wanting to make a family trying to figure out if the family picture will fit in there picture frame. After that didn't work we had the idea to make someone running all we needed was three places for them to run too. That's when we c (More)
P.T. Project
Tyler and I worked on a project in Math that consisted of making a model and a problem about triangles and the Pythagorean Theorem. We made a house and it turned out pretty good. We had to make a problem and imply to our model.More)
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