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Bible Post
Symbol of a lamp God promises his lamp will never go out through the line of David. Jesus came through the line of David, and others. David was one of my favorite characters in the Bible. He is brave, underappreciated, and is a VERY strong Christi (More)
Africa Intro. Activity
I learned that Africans don't live too long. I knew that Africans don't have clean water. Where do they clean the water?   (More)
African Union Refugees
Yesterday we had a African Union debate about what we should do with the refugees from Kenya. We came to a salvation that we should send some Military to Somalia am then we would spread out the refugees in the countries. But in the end does this mean (More)
Reaction to Invictus
What I learned - I learned that our world is so good and we do not notice what is going on around the World. I also learned that we can make a difference in our lives to day and stand up for what we believe is right and wrong and we can teach other p (More)
African Union Day
We had African Union day at my school. We where all divided into countries. With our country we had to figure out what our story was and how we where going to help. then if you wanted you could present to the all the other countries so you could get (More)
African Union Day
African Union day was a day where we talked about and debated what to do in the situation in Burundi. Burundi had a Civil War for a while between the Hutus and the Tutsis. It ended up killing more than 300,000 people. We debated on what we should do (More)
Invictus Response
I think the security guards got closer from before because of the game Rugby. In the beginning they wouldn\'t listen to each others Ideas or get along with each other because of the color of their skin. As the movie went on, they got closer. For exam (More)
European Union
In social studies class, our teacher made us try too cross countries, in Europe, before and after the European Union. I found out that before the European Union people had to got through customs and ex change money, but now they dont have to because (More)
Mexico City Google Maps
Zeeland and Mexico city are two different places around the world. Mexico city has everything in Spanish because that is the language they speech. They have flat square houses and we have triangular roves and houses. They also have some different res (More)
Mexico Google Maps
One of the differences I found is that we have for speed limits is MPH, miles per hour, and in Mexico they have KM/H kilometers per hour. Another one is how different their busses are than ours. The last one is how different their motels are then our (More)
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