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My thinking and understanding has grown and my perspective has broadened by learning about all the different stats that we saw. I wonder why a lot of them have phones and not the food they need to eat. I also learned that there are so many languages (More)
Mes de Herencia Negra-Jackie Robinson
While the World Watched Reflection
Q:What are three things you learned about the history of the USA that you did not know before? Explain. A:I learned the south was segregated a lot more than I thought it was especially Birmingham. A:I also learned that black people were really (More)
Discurso de Cataluña
Video http://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B6IqB4yjCt0CWnBpQzZyUkZTR2s I (More)
pantalones cortos
libro cosa.key   yo aprendí que Costa Rica es muy diferente que otros países (More)
Mi Viaje a Europa
Bon dia! Me llamo Adele Ferrari. Recién regresé de mi viaje a la Unión Europea. ¡Era muy divertido! Desde Chicago, viajé por avión a Francia. Cuando llegué a Francia, enseñe mi pasaporte (solamente una vez) y luego me fui al banco. Era muy fácil p (More)
Math: Probability Distribution Project
LINK TO OUR PROJECT GRAPH: https://docs.google.com/a/zcsms.org/spreadsheets/d/1fLUFPi8pZUAR9dUswLvLuOkaU5qfLt_ZyzSRDsp-jTo/edit#gid=0   In math we were told to do a project on Probability Distribution and we were told that we had to find a (More)
The thing that was difficult for this project was that I really didn\'t know what some of the stuff was and it took a while to think of all that stuff without even knowing what the product is going to be but the thing that I really did enjoy about th (More)
Vimeo catalan
https://vimeo.com/121489409 (More)
Pais de Bill Gates
ttps://vimeo.com/121277933 (More)
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