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Floppy Fish This is Floppy Fish He lives in field, farms, factories, and ferris wheels Floppy fish eats food, fabric, fences, and figs He likes finz, fires, fines, and funerals Floppy fish feeds families, friends, fish, and feet One (More)
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Soccer Fun, exiting Dribbling, kicking, scoring We win the game Soccer Beka Roelofs Brain Squishy, smart Thinking, staying, flowing A vital part (More)
http://blogs.zcs.org/wp-content/default-avatar-32.png?r=G Book by Leah Cooper My family is a book. My Mom is the outside of the book. She holds us all together and keeps us in place, where we should (More)
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The Price is Right
In the last two weeks we have done a lot. We watched The Price is Right game show. Then we had to make our own mini game.My group, Leah, Nycole And Anna, made a bucket toss game, the kids playing could get up to 8 throws or move up 8 places. What I f (More)
picture book blog
Do become familiar with plays such as Shakespeare. Mem Fox Do keep it under 500 words. mem fox Do be original. Mem Fox Do reread drafts out loud. Mem Fox Do rhyme. ME Do be able to be scary. ME Do use Humor. Edwards Do use wordpl (More)
Picture Book Advice
Fox: 1. Do be original. Try not to copy ideas from other writers. 2.  Do Not write stories that end with and then they woke up. It\'s frustrating when the whole adventure/story is just a dream. Edward: 1. Think like a pre-schooler. 2. (More)
Picture Book Advice
My top ten picture book advice (the first five are from Montes): 1. Even though rules can be broken, you still need to have a good grasp on the basic conventions, elements, and structure that make a good book. This is true whether you\'re writing a (More)
Picture Book Advice *_*
Mem Fox: 1. Try not to copy the ideas or structures of recent well-known books. 2.Ensure the text is written grammatically, and spelling and punctuation are correct 3.Do write narrative tension, solve a problem Marisa Montes: 1. Make s (More)
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