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LA+ Book Reflection (The Pearl by John Steinback)
1. What stands out to you from the book or one of our conversations? What impacted you the most? I'd say when we had our discussions, it helped me understand the book more. I liked how the Discussion Directors talked about what they said in their (More)
Pearl John Steinbeck
What stands out to you from the book or one of our conversations? What impacted you most? I think the thing that surprised me most was that we all thought that Kino was a regular guy and then we started reading the book. And that everyone agreed t (More)
If I could have anything
If someone asked me what I really wanted in this world, I wouldn't know what to say. There are a lot of things we could ask for, but it still wouldn't satisfy us. Once we get something, we always want more. We always want more than what we have. Stil (More)
If i could get anything i would want to be super smart create this insane business and become a billionaire. I would then be supper rich have my own jet, buy a few houses around the world, have some sports cars and be able to do what ever i wanted. (More)
Anything I Want
Wenn ich etwas hatte ich wollte würde ich eine Freundin haben, weil wenn ich eine Freundin das Leben wäre das cool. Wenn sie bekam dass ich wurde liebe sie und in leben wurde bekommen stark ich würde liebe sie zuruck     If I (More)
If I could have anything
If I could have anything that I wanted, I would have a vacation home in all the warm places and travel all around the country to them. Every home would have a pool, with a beautiful backyard, several bedrooms, and a huge kitchen. I would have plenty (More)
Creative Writing
I wish that i could have good looks.  I would move to California and become the new singer.  I would get like a bunch of girls and just life would be good.  I would get rich and buy what ever i want and get married and have 2 kids named Spencer and S (More)
Creative Writing
Beep, Beep, my alarm screeched, ugggg I groaned as I rolled over onto my side grabbing my dream recorder as I went. I sat up and looked with groggy eyes at the small screen before me, it had been plugged into my pillow and now was loading a movie of (More)
'The Pearl' Intro- Creative Writing
If I could have anything in the world, I would want a horse. I would like a black horse that has a  white snip on it's nose. I would also like to have a saddle and all the other stuff you need when you own a horse (I would need: barn, hay, pasture, f (More)
The pearl creative writting
If we could have anything what would it be? What would happen if we got it? If i could have anything  i would have a basetball court that could turn into a football or lacrosse field or into a pool all inside my house. If i got this i would spend (More)
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