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Synonym Poem
smooth glassy, unbroken, cool just like sliding into a pool (More)
Metaphor Poem
Take 5 Poem
Take 5 Poems Lacrosse Rough, tough Hitting,checking, throwing It wipes you out Lacrosse -   Mountain biking Fast, fun Pedal, jump, repeat (More)
Emotion poem
Abandoned It is as sad as death. It sounds like crying. It tastes like War Heads. It smells like the dump. Abandoned looks like a stray kitten. It makes you feel terrible. More)
Rad Rob
Rad Rob   Rad Rob is a rad, rabid, rude little boy. He lives in a Rotten, Rome. He eats rabbits, ravioli, and rice. He likes rats, raccoons, a (More)
Bio Poem
Cam   Son of Ross Who is weird, crazy, and friendly Who loves biking, soccer, and hockey Dislikes getting up early, mean people, and homework Fears pain, scary movies, and death Who likes to play, bike, and swim Who w (More)
Clerihew Poem
Bill Gates Sits at the Golden Gates To get on the train To go to the game. &n (More)
Clerihew Poem
Adrian Payne  Has no game  Especially against Michigan because has no discipline  (More)
Alliteration Poem
  This is Slithering Sue Slithering Sue lives in Saelen, Sweden Slithering Sue eats slippery salmon and sticky sweet strawberries Slithering Sue likes sipping sprite and sucking on skittles Slithering Sue d (More)
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