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Swimming Fast, intense Diving, splashing, kicking It get’s your adrenaline rushing Swimming   More)
Title Whining Willie Whining Willie This is Whining Willi (More)
Poetry by Jake DB
  Studying Studying is like Mid-evil torture It\'s tyranny in a country of democracy I want to put an end to this The word \"studying\" comes from the phrase student dying Nothing is this horrific Millions of kids suffer from this crime a (More)
  Synonym Glistening, waves, salty, deep This old ocean will never sleep Metaphor poem My family is a pen (More)
NOAH, Grumpy
Not one to sleep in Often playing Always laughing Happy Grumpy Tempered, crabby, testy, touchy Don\'t be grumpy, it\'s catchy. More)
Smiling, beaming, gladdened, pleased. Always happy, never peeved. More)
The Preposterous Penguin
This is the preposterous penguin. He lives in a puny painted patterned porcelain pot. The preposterous penguin  pecks at precisely prepared pickles peeking out of pita pockets sprinkled with pulled pork. He likes to poke, prod, prune, and point at (More)
Boredom Boredom is as blank as a piece of paper. It sounds like you\'re in a soundproof room. It taste like a dried up lake. And smells like a rotten egg. Boredom looks like a ghost town. It makes you feel horrible. More)
My poems
Soccer Fun, exiting Dribbling, kicking, scoring We win the game Soccer Beka Roelofs Brain Squishy, smart Thinking, staying, flowing A vital part (More)
Car   My family is a car My dad is the engine. He makes everything run. My mom is the wheels. She makes everything move smoothly. My sister is the (More)
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