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Tres Mexicanos
book recommendation for...... u!!!!
    I recommend the book "Tuck para siempre" by Natalie Babbitt.  There  was a lot of twist and turns in this story that made it (More)
A book that I like is called Verano de los Cicnes it is very very interesting and there is a boy that cain't talk and all he likes is the sound of the watch tick, tok, tick, tok. (More)
Let's Learn!
Hi everybody! I have just started this blog. I have decided to use it to teach you guys a little bit about some fun topics! I will be updating this blog with fun facts that will blow you away! (More)
I am
I am starting this post to try it out. I always hope to put my faith in God and love and obey him always. (More)
I lost both games #1 5-10 #2 0-11 (More)
Texas Roadhouse
Went to Texas Roadhouse, had steak. (More)
saturday I have two soccer games back to back with only 15 minutes in between both games. I am going to be pooped:( (More)
this weekend is going to be awesome (More)
three things that I think will be great about having a blog
one thing I think is great about having a blog is friends 2 type what you think 3 its awesome. (More)
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