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Why My Grandparents are Cool
Thomas Jefferson
My Social Studies Presentation
If you partiapated in a group progect sometime in the past you know that you have up's and down's. But sometimes it matters what you do. Not what others in your group do. Maybe their not having co-op with you is because they have nothing to do. Alway (More)
Market Day
ZCS Market Day was on Friday, May 19th. My group was me Sam & Adelynn I was happy that we sold out. Now making isn't all you do in Market Day, there's a bunch of loans & rentals you have to deal with.(Money stuff.) We made sporty stress balls (More)
Snow Day Challenge
Snow day! Zeeland Christian Schools snow day challenge today was: Make up a sport or game outside. What is a snow day challenge? A snow day challenge only appearsĀ on a special occasion. (a snow day obviously) so this is what me and my brother came up (More)
Science project
https://voicethread.com/share/8262144/ This is our voice thread! (More)
Mr. All mcgeean
Yesterday we got to see the old mayor of holland: Mr. All McGEEAN. it was so awsome! He told us about what being a mayor felt, and what a mayor did. It was so cool to see a mayor in our classroom. (More)
Cappon house field trip
Yesterday we went to the cappon house where the first mayor holland his wife and his 11 children lived. This is what it looks like from the outside.< (More)
Why Is It Important To Study Christian Persecution?
Because it's real. That's why. We live in a world where we experience a fraction of what others experience. We have that side of our life easy. They have it hard. There's no sense in being stupid! God calls us to be educated! To think! Sure, not ever (More)
Thoughts About Jesus' Crucifixion
Howdy Y'all! This Post Is Actually Going To Be About My Thoughts On Jesus' Last Seven Words. But His Crucifixion And Last Words Are Pretty Closely Related, Right? Ok. A Summary Of Jesus Last Seven Words (Not Really A Summary Since It's More Than Seve (More)
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