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Spaghetti Tower
In science class, we had to make spaghetti towers. ours didn't go how we wanted, we had a lot of things go wrong. We worked well together as a team, but if the tower was on our team, we wouldn't work well together at all. I worked with Carley, Lydia, (More)
My Brother Sam is Dead - Book Project
In this Box, Sam and his dad are having a fight. Sam and his dad had fights often. And yes, the dad wants the best for his son, but he is almost 18 so he will be starting his “own life” kind of. In the book, Mrs. Meeker, the mom, is very humble when (More)
Pythagorean Theorem - Elizabeth Denb
We got the idea when we were exploring on the internet. We came up with the word problem off the top of our head. The results of the project to make sense. We wanted to do something that no one else would do. (More)
Science Chain
In science, we made a long chain with different materials and then we tested it with different weights to see if it doesn't touch the ground. (that probably doesn't make sense.) sorry.More)
Beginning of Year Reflections - 8th Grade
One thing that I have enjoyed this past few weeks was, school wise, was camp, just for an overnight thing we went to Camp Roger. it went by really fast, but it was really fun. One thing that I learned these past few weeks was, about other people, (More)
Boat making
This week in science we had to make a boat. We made our boat out of styrofoam, aluminum foil, and others stuff. our first run was a fail, a DNF (did not finish). then we replaced the sail and lower it a tad bit and got an 8.o5 on our next run.More)
Boat Racing 2018 (science)
For our first science project, we got to build a boat. We also get to race them,  I am not sure how it will do, I am kind of scared about how it will do, but whatever. Greta and I were partners to build it together, but Greta isn't here. I was pretty (More)
My Summer!
This summer was a very full summer! My mom and I taught swimming lessons in our back yard. We had 178 kids in our pool this Summer. We were very burned from the sun, and burned out from all of the kids, and water. I also went to YoungLife camp! We we (More)
African Union Day - May 25, 2018
What did we do for African Union day? : For African Union day, my self and a partner represented our country, Kenya. We would write a resolution and present it to all of the other countries What did you get out of it? : I didn't get a whole lot ab (More)
Themes of The Old Testastament
Call Sometimes you get a call from God not by telephone but maybe through your pastor's sermon. You can get a call to go overseas, sometimes it's to move and other times its just to invite your neighbour over to dinner. God called Abraham and Sara (More)
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