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Volcano Project
Our volcano explosion is made of baking soda and vinegar. Our group worked well we got everything done. Everything went well. What didn't go w (More)
We put a small pop bottle as the magma chamber and the funnel as the pipe and the crater. We also used 2 ping pong balls to make a homemade smoke bomb. Finnally we paper mached it and painted it.More)
Volcano Project
In science class, we had to create a volcano out of paper mache. We based ours off of Maun (More)
Volcano Project
This week we did a project where we had to pick a volcano and then build a paper mache replica. For our volcano we chose to model Cerro Negro which is in Nicaragua. One interesting fact about our volcano is that people go sand boarding down the side (More)
this is our volcano, Mount St Helens, It is a composite volcano, it's 8 1/2 times taller then the effile tower. We had to make it I made the slides while Will and Kennedy made the volcano by themself. More)
Mt. St Helens Volcano
 Here is a picutre of our Mt. St Helens volcano. I was in a group with Will and Gideon and we all worked together to make it happen. In science class we had to re creat (More)
Volcano Project
In science we made a volcano and labeled it. We also had to learn how to paper mache. My group was Jonny and Jazz. we didn't always get along but we got out project done. We learned a lot from this project. More)
Volcano Project
Our volcano was pretty great! We started out rough, but one we got the hang of it we were pretty good. I was with Dante and Will. We (More)
Science tower
We made at tower out of spaghetti and marshmallows and tape.  The building of the tower was great and the tower felt sturdy but when we have to put an egg in it and put it in the earthquake simulator the egg stayed in it for 5 seconds of the 10 secon (More)
Spagetti Tower
In science right now we built spaghetti towers. We were required to make a tower out of spaghetti that could hold an egg in an earthquake for at least 10 seconds. We used cross bracing to keep it stable and we made a nest to hold the egg. Marshmallow (More)
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