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In science, we have been building volcanoes. My group's volcano was Mount Fuji, a composite volcano. Mount Fuji is made of layers of basalt.  (More)
Volcanoes and what not
We based our volcano on Mount Fuji and our group worked well together and got a lot of work done and had fun doing it. We made a cross section inside our volcano and added colors to the outside to make it look like mount fuji. We also made a poster w (More)
Spaghetti Tower Reflection
We have been working recently on a project in science involving making spaghetti towers. Our (Alex, Aiden, Cal, and Caleb) tower did not go so well.The requirements of the tower were it had to be 40 inches high and hold an egg on to of it during an e (More)
Science Towers- "Tipping Tower of Spaghett"
For the past week or so in Science class we have been working on building towers out of spaghetti and marshmallows to hold an egg. Ours is called the "Tipping Tower of Spaghett." It has 12 marshmallows and aprox. 36 spaghetti sticks. It has a tape cr (More)
Spaghetti and Marshmallow Tower
This week in science we had to make a tower made of raw spaghetti and Marshmallows. One Marshmallow is 1 centimeter and one spaghetti stick is 25 centimeters. On the top of the tower we made a little nest for the eggs made with the extra spaghetti st (More)
Spaggheti and Marshmallow Tower
 Our tower was 39 cm tall. We had a cradle for the egg. It is like a nest and we hope it does (More)
Math Project
So me and Jaiden made a story about me and her. I had to run to her house everyday after school. But i was also doing the 100 miller (More)
Density Columns
 In Science we layered liquids in Density Columns. You can see the different colors which are all different liquids. This happens because they are all different densi (More)
boat race
Our first race didn't go has planned. It took 20.45 seconds. We didn't have a big enough sail, so it didn't get very much power. We needed more weight on the back. It would have gone faster if we didn't put the straws on the bottom because that made (More)
Boat Races in Science
We created a boat in Science class out of the materials given to us, and we named it "rAGE" The first trial went very well, we got in second place with a time of 8.63 seconds. The changes we are going to make include flipping the boat around in the w (More)
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