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Element Project
Bromine Presentation (More)
Einsteinium Element Project
I have done some research on the element Einsteinium. I made a presentation about it. I hope you enjoy! Go to this site:    http://prezi.com/wc21512lnozz/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy&rc=ex0share (More)
Click to watch slide about Nobelium. Nobelium (More)
Science Element Project
Adopt an Element This is my adopt an element project. (More)
Nagelkirk Science Project
TI (More)
Science Element Project Presentation
Science Presentation (More)
Science Element Project Presentation
Neptunium (More)
Magnesium (More)
Protactinium Project
Element   This is the element I choose for the element project we did. It is a cool element that is highly toxic and expensive.   (More)
Neon #2 (More)
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