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So Isaac, Logan, and I paper mshay that pop bottles. We painted it brown and red. We are nop pomp the lava which will be awesome. It took about week to make. At firdt we had no idea then idea pop in Isaac head and we went with it. Also I think this g (More)
Erosion Caused by Glaciers
In the past couple weeks we have been working on projects. My group, Jacob Heeres and I,  had to study erosion caused by glaciers. A few of the things in the picture below are, kettles, grooves, strations, till, moraine, arete, cirque, and plucking. (More)
Mauna Loa Volcano
In the past few weeks in Science class we have been working on making and studying volcanoes.  This is the one that my group and I made togeth (More)
Ultimo escritura de pinbol
Eso tiene información sobre el magnetismo, 1 2 y 3 ley de newton, canicas en una rampa y también encender una bombilla y dice donde esta la ciencia.     (More)
Zinc We had to make a presentation of an element I chose Zinc click on the link above to watch a slide show.   (More)
States of Matter Lab
We studied why thing of the same mass and density float or sink (Full pop cans). I think that the diet Coke floats because it was set in gently and didn\'t break the surface tention but the Mt. Dew sank because it was just dropped in and had enough f (More)
Density Lab
In Science we are talking about how two objects with the same volume and size can have a different densities. For example we put Diet Coke and Mountain Dew in a tub of water. The Diet Coke floated and the Mountain Dew sank. Right now we are trying to (More)
Global Warming
in our science class we have been talking about global warming. here is a presentation about it. http://prezi.com/jmtjlfdijsga/a-challenge-to-the-city-of-zeeland/ (Copy paste the link to your search bar) so ways you can help are carpool or take the b (More)
Water Quality Boat Trip
1. What did I learn? I learned that there were a ton of little things in the water and I'm now thinking about going swimming in any lakes. I also learned that the different things in the lake make a big difference. 2. Compare 2 locations. In (More)
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