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Come to North Carolina
You should come to North Carolina because you can become rich mining gold,coal,and lots else . You can also hunt, fish, and also lumber because there are lots of trees and forests. There is lots of new opportunities to discover. You also get religi (More)
JP Visit
I learned that some things in US and India are very different. They speak 1,652 different languages just in India which is crazy. That is like each state in the US having a different language. It is very hard to get a VISA there and it was a miracle (More)
J.P. Visit
Culture for him must have been hard because he had to get used to all the things that we do here 2. Food! JP said they are vegetarians in India. So that means that all the meat here was very different for him. 3. Clothes are very different. (More)
Trump is elected the Next President 11/8/2016
How did your predictions compare to the results ? My predictions was that Clinton was going to win presidency because Trump was sometimes unrespectful / offensive to so certain people . What surprised you most about the election results ? What surpri (More)
Facts about the Explorations - October 14 . 2016
         Why did the merchants want to go to the east so badly? - The merchants wanted to the east so badly so that they could trade with the people from the Indies for spices and other goods to make their country rich in spices and other things for (More)
Living on a Dollar
I felt selfish when they said they lived on 1-2 dollars a day. We spend maybe up to $100 a day. They have to find and save what they need. most of them don't have a job. They work ing the fields. I learned you don't need everything. We can live with (More)
La Union Africana
Burundi es un país muy pobre.  Al promedio, solo gana $300 USD per cápita al año.  Su presidente es Pierre Nkurunziza, un hombre que ha sido su presidente desde 2005.  Este hombre ha sido visto como un dictador.  En Burundi, había una guerra civil d (More)
African Union Day
African Union Day is a day in the school year that (most of)the ZCS students dress up and act as the African Union. The African union, which is also called the A.U., is a group of countries in Africa that tries to help major continent issues. The two (More)
African Union Day
             African union day report By Matthew Cagle.   Well for that morning we fought for Brundi country for the hutu and the tutsi and we want the government to step down from being presidents  in their country government in thei (More)
African Union Day
African union day is basically a day where we debut about a problem that is actually happening in the world. It is very formal and it is a lot like how the AU actually works. We were a country with another person and we got to argue over what we beli (More)
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