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Immigration Stories
Today I heard a story from a lady named Catherine Namwezi. We asked her a few questions, one of them was why did you come to U.S.A. She said that she came here for the education from Hope collage. we also asked her what was her favorite part of USA s (More)
Immigration Stories
Mrs. Cubero talked to us and said that she came here for a wile and just sat in classes and listened and watched how we did school. After that she had to go back to Costa Rico and teach at the school there. She told Mr. Vandyk that if there were any (More)
Immigration Day
Today our 7th grade went to the media Center and we got to interview some modern day immigrants about their story coming over and making a life in the US. What I thought was interesting was the different stereotypes that other countries have of us. S (More)
Immigration Project
Peter Drost: we talked to Peter about where he  immagrated from (canada) we talked about the money and how when you pay american money to canada its more than it is in america (U.S. $100=Canadian $125) we also found out that in canada there is really (More)
Corte Suprema
Nosotros tuvimos un plan para la Corte Suprema como los abogados demandantes. Joelle iba a decir lo que nosotros queríamos, Kinsi hablaría de la separación de iglesia y el estado, Cole hablaría de la primer enmienda y yo respondería a las preguntas. (More)
African Union Day
What was the hardest part? The hardest part for me was trying to get everyone to like it. It was hard not just trying to get what your country wanted and compromising to get more people to like it and get more ideas in.  It was also hard when peop (More)
Union Africana
Mi parte favorito de hacer el Union Africana fue hablar de algo que realmente es importante a nuestro mundo y que realmente esta pasando. Yo creo que esto es buen uso de nuestros habilidades a ver una problema y pensar en una respuesta. Yo aprendí qu (More)
How have I improved my skills in the last few weeks????
In the last three weeks I have improved a lot of my skills, I have found out that i have more skills then i thought i did. I have improved working in a group because before this project  I did not now how to work of there product to make it better. I (More)
Growing in skills
I've seen that I have been growing my skills in working in groups, participating more, gettting rid of my stage fright was probably the hardest thing to do.  If i messed up I would always think that someone would laugh at me or say 'that was  terribl (More)
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